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Seasonal Returns

  • Season 2 of Falling Skies, The Walking Dead, and new Fringe.

    Stay Alive – Neil

    I’ve found myself in a weird feedback loop where I won’t start the second season due to not having read the second book, but I haven’t started the second book due to the complaints I’ve heard about the second season*.

    (*To be fair, the complainer is my wife, and she’s very fangirlish about a specific set of characters, so my view is probably just skewed.)

    Games of Thrones is pretty high on my list. I might need to break down and get the books.


    I’m new, so I thought I’d start with a fairly neutral topic: What shows are you looking forward to the return of, next season?
    I’m particularly enthused about the direction they’re taking American Horror Story, even if it means opening the show up to the possibility of becoming suddenly terrible.

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