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Search function

  • I could try to integrate SOLR (lucene based search “solution”) into Drupal. – I does require some additional Software to be installed on the server. Let’s have a look if i can squeeze it it somewhen this week.

    drupal’s search abilities are rather limited. Apparently searching in topics works only for main-posts only. I don’t see how this could be enabled for forum replies. Maybe you can spot any plugin which will provide that feature over here: – We’re running Drupal5

    About the speed …. it is what it is. IIRC Drupal 7 was about to use Lucene as an optional search engine which would be a major pefromance boost… Let’s keep an eye on that.

    Have fun at Balticon!


    I’ve noticed two problems with the search function:

    1. It’s ludicrously slow. I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done to remedy this, but figured I’d mention it. Seems weird that Google can spit out results in fractions of a second when searching all of the internet and Drupal often takes over a minute to search
    2. It does not include the SUBJECT line (or TOPIC) in its search parameters. For instance, on this post, it would not get a hit off of “Search function.” Or what actually prompted this post was a search for “Online Humour.” It’s a thread I created a few days ago, but it fallen off the active list. I ended up having to manually go find it via Crackhouse > Forums > General Topics > Online Humour. Doable, but incredibly annoying. Many of our posts only consist of SUBJECT lines if they are brief and to the point. They are also what is generally the most memorable part of a post.

    Kind of doubt either of these is reparable since they seem like the kind of issue that would be inherent to Drupal, but figure there is no harm in asking. And btw, Pulsar, you RAWK! You will be missed at Balticon.

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