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    It’s in the Library drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    Instead of “GFL” for Galactic Football League it reads “GLF” or Galactic League Football

    Mathis, what’s the typo? Is it inaccurate content or is it the format’s all jacked up? I can’t tell from the screen grab.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but i found a MASSIVE typo on the website….


    Tell it to my profile page.. oh yeah, you CAN’T!

    Shush you!!!

    Don’t fix it, she just wants to leave me wind up comments!

    I’m having trouble posting on Junkie’s profile pages. I keep getting a message at the top of the page that says “Comments are closed”.

    Trying to post a review for Nocturnal in the library and free audiobook section on this site and I keep getting “oops you found a bug!” I’m confused.

    Now Random Discussions II & Musings of Overactive Imaginations isn’t working either! πŸ™

    Change the “TITLE” tag on the main page from ‘Home’ to ‘Scott Sigler’?

    I wonder if this will post here…
    I’ve been away from the site for quite a long time, and when I tried to post again on the forum my comments haven’t shown up, but I’m getting emailed about replied to said threads. Also, when I try to preview my profile, it comes up with the bug finding message. Am I doing something wrong (bearing in mind I haven’t used the site for a very long time and it’s changed a lot since then)?

    When trying to post in Crack Hits III: The Saga Goes On, I get sent to a page that says “Ooops, you found a bug”. Oddly, I still get an e-mail notification saying that my comment was posted.

    I stumbled across another bug while editing a comment on a user profile.

    After submitting the edited text, the site redirected me to /site_memberships/username rather than /users/firstname-lastname
    The edited text worked though, so it only seems to be the follow up page reload that has an issue.

    Thanks for posting. Think we’ve got them fixed now.

    It’s not your browser. Since the last big update, some threads are not working right. The guys are working on it, but the CH thread is one with issues.

    Thought I’d try posting from another browser … SERIOUSLY????!!!! THAT WORKED? *THUD*

    Thanks for the update and all the hard work you guys do!

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for your patience and feedback. We’re looking at the inability to comment issue. Looks like we have a fix to roll out for that tomorrow. Also, we are looking at a handful of broken links and misc cleanup.

    We have some brand-spanking new super aggressive spam filters in place, so I think that new comments/posts/etc. are taking a bit longer than normal to process and that’s causing the double-posting problem. We’re looking to get that resolved this week also. Thanks again!

    There are several threads that I can’t comment on to include new blog posts.

    and it double posted for some reason…..i hope it doesnt double post this one


    So i cant view my own profile and i cant post on the new blog post about the Krakkens Booster Club

    So i cant view my own profile and i cant post on the new blog post about the Krakkens Booster Club

    It appears that at times when I log on, there are quite a lot of spammers logged on also. I realise it is difficult to weed them out and prevent them from creating an account, but it is rather annoying!

    To the guys who maintain the site – keep up the good work.


    The Latest Release box on the right under the MVP Pre-Order says Bones Are White???????

    ::tap tap:: *squelch* Is this thing on?

    OK, I’ve started getting e-mails from the last two new FDO blog posts that I’ve commented on. But I’m still not getting e-mails from older ones or from Junkie profile pages, including my own. It would make it much easier to respond to threads if I was notified when they were being commented on. Is there a way to fix this or a way to manually subscribe to an old thread, cuz the radio button at the bottom of the page doesn’t seem to work at all on old threads.

    What, how do you know they are spammers. What are the posting and where. I feel we should find their websites and spam them as well. Can you imagine 13,300 Sigler junkies bombarding their website all at the same time. Mwaaaaahahahahaha


    I’m online with NINE spammers right now!

    I’m still not getting any emails either. I’m also not being subscribed to any new threads or profiles that I post to.

    Then you’ve broken the site. Go sit in the corner, missy.

    I get emails of posts from 2 people’s profile page, but none from my own or on the profiles I post on the most.

    When I click on the Orange block with the number behind my user name to try and see who has posted where, all I get is an error MSG. It is happening on both of my iOS 5 devices and on the PC using Chrome.

    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

    Is anyone else not able to log into the wiki, or is it just me?

    Two issues I noticed this evening. 1) The preview my profile function only loaded a blank page. 2) Under my purchases tab, it lists only my purchase of All-Pro whereas it used to list my digital purchases of Starter and All-Pro as well.

    1) I am not getting any e-mails from any of the FDO’s new blog posts, even though I have the Notify me clicked. They aren’t even showing on my Subscriptions page.

    2) None of my Blogger share links are working anymore.

    The older pages of some of the forums are inaccessible.

    After playing around a bit, I also noticed that the Active Forum Topics list seems to be listing some forum topics that haven’t had any activity in a while. They just seem to be randomly appearing there.

    I’m liking the changes to the site!! Following conversations is so much easier now. And I love that we can see who’s online and that there’s a list of the Active Forum Topics! Thanks for all that!!

    But I’ve found a couple of bugs/problems. 1) I can’t access the FDO’s blog post More site work, be patient! at all. 2) I can’t view my own profile page. 3) I can’t access my Subscriptions page.

    I are has no school monday. That means more time watching arby and the chief. They’re fuckin hilarious.

    Here it is, the 15th of January and I still can only post from the phone. I still get the following message when trying to post from anywhere else …

    Post not saved.
    content: You have to have something to say to post πŸ™‚

    Sadly I wasted 10 minutes writing content. I miss everyone. I’ll try back in another 2-3 weeks & see if the problem has been fixed yet.

    Happy MLK 3-day weekend!?! To those of you with Monday off!! x

    Dear FDO

    IDK if I understand. I’m not talking about the shortcut lists on the right. I am talking about the main table where the topics and threads (& replies) in general are.

    If you use the FORUM link up at the top of the page you see a big table of topics. When you click on a topic there is a long list of threads (some with a million replies).

    What I was talking about would not effect any of the short cut links on the rt. it would just bump up that main original thread in the topic table.

    I realize most seasoned junkies use the shortcuts on the rt but if I’m unable to visit often those links on the right are worthless to me so I try to hunt down the threads that were recently responded to via the FURUMS link.

    Am I making any sense? This has nothing to do with the links on the right. It’s about the table that actually houses the threads. 5 million replies would not effect the thread bumping in the main topic table any more than one reply.


    Happy Holidays!!


    @Twainy: This is a problem we’ve been looking at. Say we do what you ask. What happens when that sub-thread is 5, 10 or even 15 comments long? Do all of those pop to the top as a threaded list?

    Our concern is that by doing so, one sub-thread drowns out all the other conversation. Many times the Junkies get a back-and-forth exchange between one or two people, which often goes off-topic.
    The vast majority of forum threads on the internet just go in chronological order, with a “quote” function to allow you to see a direct response. Most sites don’t bump up an entire sub-thread.
    What are your thoughts on this? We’re trying to figure out the right way to handle it.

    To make the forums easier to navigate – please allow the threads within a topic to pop to the top when replied to. Example – Click on FORUMS at top of this page, now click FAVORITE MUSIC … I just replied to WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO NOW … It would be nice if that thread was at the top of the topic’s page now!! Keeping the recently active threads on top only makes the busy forums easier to navigate. Thanx

    Addendum – the threads are set up “newest first” but it automatically brings me to the LAST page when I click on a thread over on the right under “Recent Activity” … that might be a known issue? If so, sorry.

    So my profile pic in the library’s reviews, is ginormus

    Spammers are attacking the Wiki?!?!?!? Have they no boundaries?! Come on, give me my lasers back… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to bring this up again but spammers are attacking the wiki like nobody’s business, however it no longer accepts my login credentials from this site, so I can’t delete them or roll back the spam.

    The number next to my name isn’t changing back to Ø after I click on it. Does it mean something else now?

    Spammer alert: rewesmilod is spamming the Virtual Bar Fight thread.

    The “Edit” option still sends me to the home page

    What stormy said, its like huge

    The review section for each book in the library needs to be looked at, as it doesn’t constrain the avatars like the other sections of the site.

    Example: – Catalyst’s avatar is actually much larger than it appears elsewhere on the site, but feels free to expand over here.

    I’m with Shady. While I love being able to reply to comments on the blog posts it would be great to be able to do the same with the forum posts as well…

    Uuuuuhhhh, what are crack hits, because if they are what they sound like I would like to know where I can get some. Also I can’t change my profile picture. Is there something wrong or am I just not able to do that on a mobile device?

    when i click the ‘Edit’ option on a reply i posted it takes me to the home page

    Ancestor Library Image not working, when i put a review up for a book my profile picture (for the post) became HUGE heres a >>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<
    And i think that The Rookie library page should be updated because, even though the clickable option isnt available, it still says “Buy The Limited Edition Hardcover!”, idk maybe an added line of text at the bottom of Hard Back section saying: The Rookie Hard Backs are no longer available but you can still get The Starter and The All-Pro or something like that.(One of my friends went to buy a copy of the Rookie and was confused for awhile and called me lol)

    But not that post………weird(or this one)

    And Contagious can still somehow be Pre-Ordered

    adding this because its something new that just happened: so on my “Home” list it now shows my posts for the first time. Before it only showed other people posting on threads and blogs

    Thanx W. I’ll limit to my desktop and laptop. Both have W7 OS. Both run IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Mainly in IE or Chrome but have tried them all … all are most current versions. Phone (where I’m posting from) is most current iPhone OS with Safari of course. Also can’t post from an older laptop or my Netbook. Laptop might be XP.

    @Catalyst – siglerpedia login is borked for now. The siglerpedia used the old website for usernames and passwords. I’ll talk with Scott to see how we can get maintainers of the siglerpedia back into it.

    @Twainy – noone else has reported that issue, so I think it might be a local computer/browser issue. Can you tell me what operating system your using and what browser, and browser version you’re on?

    You also can clear your cookies, cache, and content, and make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser.
    And if that fails, try downloading a browser that you don’t have on your machine, like safari, firefox, or chrome and opening the site with it. If it opens in the newly installed browser, its a problem with your current browser version or configuration.

    HEY! Please see my post down there dated 12-4-11! I still can only post from my phone. Is there a fix for that somewhere that I overlooked?

    steffiebaby140: Me too the only reason i might have some Backer score is because i posted the link via FaceBook for my dad to get the All-Pro episodes. Also it says you have zero crack hits in your profile.

    Siglerpedia wont let me log-in either

    w00t got my Backer Score in the list

    @Catalyst. Looking at your profile I see your crack hits as zero. I was under the impression that crack hits are either not working or not being used anymore. As far as your backer score, the only way I can find to see that is if your on the Top Backers list.

    I really hope backer score is not the new crack hits, I avoid social media like the plague so my score will forever be zero lol.

    And why is ‘Reply’ only available in some threads?

    It says i have 0 Crack Hits in my profile, and how do you check your BACKER score?

    GFL stuff under free audiobooks comes up blank for me….I got a lot of catching up to do. Where it be?

    @Whoever the Spam killer may be…..THANK YOU!

    Two things:

    1. I have 377 notifications since my last loging and 99% are spam posts
    2. The Siglerpedia will not recognize my credentials from this site. I tried logging in here first then clicking on the Siglerpedia tab above. It asks me to login in and then says I’m not recognized. Tried logging out of this site, going directly to the Siglerpedia page and logging in from there but I got the same error message.

    Unleash the spam killing horde.

    What Shady said and also the notification number still doesn’t adjust itself properly

    If there was some type of reply button or feature available I would reply to Kali and agree with what Kali suggested. I hope that made sense. Yes a reply feature and the possibility to subscribe to Junkie created threads would be grand. Keep up the great work you guys and girls.

    GK & Tay, when I click “Edit” on a legacy post of mine, all I get is a blank screen. (If I try to edit a post made to the new site, it works fine.) Can you assist?

    On the Contagious page it says you can Pre-Order and umm well it doesnt load a page and also i think i can just go buy Contagious down the street at Powells

    ok cool, i figured as much i was just confused because the number wasnt changing after i went to the post list

    @Catalyst Gk Re: V3 Bugs Posted: Nov 30, 2011 @ 7:58PM

    @athenas: we’re wiring in a notification system. When someone else comments on a forum thread or blog post that you’ve participated in, the number will increment and you can easily lay smack down on the haters.

    athanas Re: V3 Bugs Posted: Nov 30, 2011 @ 7:55PM

    Just out of curiosity, what is the orange block/number next to your user name in the top right hand corner when you’re logged in?


    ok so now the number finally changed to 0

    So the number in the Orange box next to my user name is 65 and each time a click it it just takes me to, which is all good if thats what its supposed to do, my question is: What the hell are the numbers for?

    Post not saved.
    content: You have to have something to say to post πŸ™‚

    As far as I can tell it is not a user error so can someone explain why I keep getting the above comment when I try to post from my laptop?

    While I’m whinging … the site looks fine on my phone but on the laptop the orange banner spans the entire width of the screen while the rest of the content is relegated to the center third. Is that on purpose? There doesn’t appear to be a border so it looks unfinished. Maybe it’s just my laptop?

    thank you for the EDIT button, ur my new favorite πŸ™‚

    I really love that EDIT button!

    Re: Episode 6: It’s not showing up in my podcatcher either. The RSS feed isn’t showing anything after the FDO’s birthday Friday Fix.

    OK when you go to the FORUMS web page and click on a category, such as: ‘Favourite TV Shows’, I would prefer the threads NOT to be stickied in chronological order according to their creation date!!! I’d like the thread’s last reply to determine who’s on top! Make sense? Hope so :o) tyx

    I’ll keep an eye out for more.

    And as to the comment box, it’s not a big problem – there’s always the option to copypasta from from another document. πŸ™‚

    Thanks @Stormy! We’ll take a look at these and watch your post.

    Our comment box isn’t re-sizable as its currently coded.

    The Goodreads link on the About page is wrong, it’s referencing back into this site instead of going out:

    (Will edit this as I find more).
    Earthcore page, there’s the following string up the top:


    The Crypt – broken image link for Book 2 (though this may be intentional?).
    Ancestor – has no Podiobooks/iTunes link (and also no buying links) and the YouTube trailer sits in front of the dropdown menu, so you have to click back to Earthcore or The Crypt in order to get further down.
    Infected – Same trailer issue, and no Podiobooks/iTunes link.
    The Rookie/The Starter – All but one of the images are broken, no buy links, no Podiobooks/iTunes links. (Both of these fall under GFL_eBooks_and_Audiobooks, which again, may be intentional).
    Kissyman – listed as coming soon on Podiobooks…
    Contagious – There’s a pre-order link in the description. Same trailer issue.
    Bloodcast Season 1 – No cover image

    Bloodcast Season 2 – No cover image
    Comment box – there doesn’t seem to be way to make the comment box bigger (usually you can grab and drag the bottom right-hand corner).

    Re: replying to individual posts, if the old method of indenting the reply to a post isn’t available I think another option might be to add the functionality to quote a post. Just a thought.

    I shun social media … poo … my name is gonnabe removed from Nocturnal if I don’t come up with something … I will need to think … hmmmm …

    @shady: some sort of whorin’ system. Gotcha.

    Question time: what’s all this “Top Backer” biznass in the sidebar?

    Hi, me again! πŸ™‚

    Will we have the option to subscribe to other (Junkie created) threads?

    @Twainy I think the RECENT list is just a list of the FDO’s most recent blog posts and not the ACTIVE FORUM TOPICS list that we are used to seeing. Keeping my fingers crossed that we see that soon. πŸ˜‰

    Ahhhhhh seeeee we just shoulda asked you to ask the web dudes! Thank you for leaving a variety of threads in the MOST RECENT list!!

    Thank you so much for the “Newest First” option! Will we eventually be able to reply to individual posts? I’d also still like to see ACTIVE FORUM TOPICS instead of RECENT ACTIVITY.

    Thanks guys! You’re doing a great job with the site and keeping up with us P.I.T.A. Junkies! πŸ™‚

    im using Windows 7 on the latest FireFox

    @Catalyst I think I know what’s going on and push a change this afternoon for your problem. What browser and OS are you using?

    Still logs me out the first time i open another page from the log in one, and when i logged in it loaded and it was a blank screen, it did it to me 4 times until i just tried loading after my atttempt to log in.

    Just noticed that whenever I click on my user name or the # in the orange box next to it, it takes me to, which is now a blank white page.

    OK if u aren’t working on the blog … 4inkjets image is missing and another image is missing err maybe 10/30 – it’s the first The All Pro podcast. OK breathe a sigh of relief …. I’m off … TTFN x

    Not sure if it’s a bug, the “our new site” blog entry looks different. You working on it? It’s gone from a chunk of centered text to alignment/image isues … It could be my phone rendering the code wonky … Stranger things have happened. Happy Friday everyone! (My first and last work day of the week!) HOORAY!

    Here’s another fun one, all of my tabs simply say I can appreciate that taking over the internet is a future goal of the FDO (even though he invented, sure he worked with Gore on it but Scott did most of the work I believe) but it makes navigation difficult.

    I have a tendency to open multiple forum topics in different tabs while I’m browsing. It seems I have to log in on each tab. That’s a bit weird and somewhat irksome, especially as after I log in it rather unhelpfully takes me to my subscriptions and not the page I just logged in from.

    I should add that I’m in work and therefore using IE7, not sure if that would make a difference.

    We just rolled out a handful of fixes. Check this thread for info on today’s update.

    yes i do believe we all are and GK said they would try to fix it in a push tonight

    Yes. Spam all over the place. Actually just in the Our new site forum but a lot of it.

    Any one else getting a lot of spam in there email?

    I agree watchesaudemars is really annoying atm

    Spammer……Spammer…..Name is watchesaudemars. Could someone KILL him please?

    So so sorry re: the spam. There is a bug in the notification system such that you are getting duplicate subscriptions and emails — we will be pushing a fix tonight.

    We are also working on digesting the system to allow the option of only receiving emails weekly.
    Thanks for the catches!

    Hey guys, couple more thoughts:

    (1) I seem to be getting two email notifications for most of the posts… not sure if it’s just me or if it’s happening to all.

    (2) email notifications of posts and comments do not include the poster/commentor name or callsign… can we get this added to the notification?

    Found it. Apparently when you make a new post if you leave the check block the option to “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” below the box it adds another duplicate to your subscriptions. I found the option on the “Our new site” comments.

    I think if u click on your name up there on the rt … u can go to subscriptions and choose not to get mail?

    Oi.vay. I seem to be getting three copies of every email, including spam. At least the spam is not getting posted on the forum topics.

    Good :o) I just ran out of energy to keep looking. Thanx! Bella is right I defo would prefer RECENT ACTIVITY at thread level. Listing every post … you could have 20 in the same thread. Off to find Crack Hits.

    @Twainy There are no DM’s or PM’s at the moment

    NOT that I am overwhelmed with private messages – but where are they? I can’t find them in my account. Is that a BX img tag or old code? It’s nice to have forum back. I hope more static pages are added in a user friendly organization.

    Image link broken on this page

    Could we increase the number of Popular posts? This will be the replacement for the most active forum topics. Also, who stole all the crack? WAHHHHH!

    Oh and most recent post on front page and top down

    I thought it was nice being able to reply to a specific post or comment on a thread

    Opening various forum pages logs me out of so i have to re-loggin over and over just to post a comment

    OK just a thought … the menus on the right might get bogged down with forum activity so I was wondering if we could have a blog menu? I think there was one on the left on the old site. Just throwing it out there.

    Instead of RECENT ACTIVITY listing all the individual posts, can it be changed to list the RECENT THREAD TOPICS instead? This way, if 5 people comment on the Our New Site thread, for example, it only shows up once instead of 5 times.

    Hello there, on the Google+ page where the GFL books are being described there’s a problem with the year that the mvp comes out. The “Galactic Football League” series from Dark Øverlord Media (available in hardcover at, or as hardcover/ebook/audiobook here) β€’ THE ROOKIE β€’ THE STARTER β€’ THE ALL-PRO β€’ THE MVP (September, 20112) the year for the mvp just seems like there are to many numbers.

    Unable to navigate to homepage using Firefox 8.0. Not sure if it is just me or my PC, I am an Ubuntu 11.10 OS user, I did eventually managed to login using Chromium (that kept shutting down at the user login page). Anywho website looks very good and loads fast.

    That EDIT button would come in handy ROF! OK will u b limiting the size of junky names? The forum cuts them off (on my phone) at about 10-11 characters. Could the names be added to the header on the rt of the post reply? Thank you for your patience … Hey does simple HTML work within the posts? JUST CURIOUS

    Site’s a littttttle plain … (disclaimer – this is the opinion of a sick person) … Bring back the blue triangles, please. I liked the collapsing menus so I could tidy up the busy forum page. I also miss the obvious presence of the text/images for … FDO and DOM … I woulda thought it would be at the top of each page. And where’s the FDO’s picture? Why does the blog come up as the home page? I like the complete and utter lack of CAPTCHA!!!! Bigg hugg!! And what Kali said about the side menus for junkies on line and high contributors. It may be my phone but the SEARCH feature doesn’t seem to work for the forum for me or maybe it was the blog … hmph I searched for something I saw on the new site and came up empty late last night … Maybe it’s the meds …

    Hey I would lovew to see any pages on a post besides the first. I push next and see the same thing again…it feels like Groundhog Day all over again…and again and again and again…

    I second the motion for the return of the edit button! Good call Twainy!

    Bring back the EDIT button please.

    Like the subject textbox in the forum. Like being able to respond to a response in a thread. Like newest comments on top. You can turn off notifications in your subscriptions. Like HTML for images. In blog section Scott shows as author of all posts. When you acess a blog entry outside of the blog section the author is blank. Ummm just thoughts based on a first glimpse … gonna continue being sick now. Happy Thursday!

    Ancestor and Contagious aren’t listed in the Library.

    @ThMaggot I’m having the same issue of it logging me out for clicking on a forum topic.

    @Gk and @Belladonna420 thanks! Got my signature sorted out again!

    @Mr_Fahrenheit I was recently wondering throughout the site and there is still alot to do around here. Time will tell

    Is it possible to get the forum topics threaded, so that replies are indented. As it is it’s really difficult to follow the flow of a conversation

    I couldn’t log in at first. I know I clearly have but it took application of logic. I signed up way back when people were allowed to use spaces in their usernames. This seems to have become an underscore by default. I may be the only person that did that but if I’m not you may want to put a temporary note somewhere on the Log In page to let people know.

    BTW, Invalid Credentials? Very classy way of responding with ‘Computer says no,’ I like it

    Hey and why isnt the all-pro in audiobooks?

    When you click on the name of a forum in the recent activity, it logs me out. Anyone else have this issue? Also, where be my crackhits!

    How do we edit/update the forums that we created, with out creating a new forum?

    @gmork – thanks — will check out both issues.

    Interesting…again not sure if this is a bug but it looks like the subject lines weren’t brought over from posts made on the old site. I frequently would start a thought in the subject line and then continue it in the body of the post. However the subject lines in this new version appear to show only the post name. Some of the older posts may not make as much sense without the subject lines.

    Not a bug as much as misprint, but under the LIBRARY tab, both THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER have the same publishing date.

    Thanks for the update.

    @athenas: we’re wiring in a notification system. When someone else comments on a forum thread or blog post that you’ve participated in, the number will increment and you can easily lay smack down on the haters.

    Just out of curiosity, what is the orange block/number next to your user name in the top right hand corner when you’re logged in?

    I went to photobucket, clicked on the photo i uploaded, highlighted it, crlt+c’ed it, then pasted it here…. and on the subject of Bugs….. I LOST MUAY CRACK!!!!

    @Delhome: thanks for the catch — will be fixed in next push tonight.

    @scott: sigs will render basic html (including images), but not bbcode, markdown, or drupal code for now. Go to to edit your sig.
    Re: forums — we’ll take a look at post sorting and threading. Thanks!!!!!!!

    Pondy, he used Photobucket. I’m trying my siggy in a sec…

    delhome: How’d you get your signature picture to work? doesn’t work
    at least for me

    Also, how do we reply to an individual post?

    I agree. I’d like to see the newest posts at the top of the 1st page of each thread as well.

    Hey! Great job on the site. Just a thought for the forums… can the posts be flopped so that the most recent show up on the first tab and the oldest show up on the highest number tab?

    Hey Junkies,

    You can also post your bugs/requests/issues here.

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