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Scottish junkieism

  • Well just a few points to bring you up to speed my good man.

    1.not everyone in scotland is ginger

    2.i dont know anyone who likes haggis LOL

    3.Iv never worn a kilt

    4.Population of 8 million who would do worse to you than any character in a sigler book if you mistook them for bein English

    5.The comparison to Trainspotting is more apt than a comparison to Brigadoon.

    6.Ewan McGregor is not the epitome of scottishness.

    7.James McAvoy(Last king of Scotland)star of upcoming comic to movie adaptation Wanted with Angelina Jolie is the epitome of Scottishness.

    Well hope this helps in bringing you Yanks up to speed with this corner of the world

    -actually mean the U.K.
    most americans do not understand the difference between england, scotland, wales and the U.K. (Hell i was in my thirties before i realized wales was country and not a part of england and i have ancestory from wales (as well as from scotland and england, but no irish from what i can tell), so please forgives us our ignorance, not from callousness, but lack of education on the history of the british isles (most of our history of it comes from the movies, sad but true)

    Hey Scott having listened to your pod the other day i have to take umbrage at the fact that as usual when someone is talking about my part of the world they think only in terms of England when there is Wales Ireland and my own home country of Scotland.

    I do believe that you will have as many listeners and then just as many possible purchasers of your book in Scotland as you do in England so lets try not to alienate them Oh Lord of darkness.

    Oh and just bought infected from as its just to problematic to get it from

    As for waterstones and borders dont get me started.

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