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Scott Sigler's Greatest Achievement

  • @Dr-D: That’s a huge compliment. I remember the first book that really scared me, as in I thought I was going to die, was Stephen King’s IT. Little scares here and there, sure, but that one rocked my wagon.

    That’s awesome.

    Now, I don’t know what Scott Sigler BELIEVES is he greatest accomplishment, but that’s ok.(WARNING: LONG-WINDED STORY FOLLOWS)

    Growing up I had several brothers who lived to torment me, they loved to scare me, and believe me they tried EVERYTHING. By the time I was 4 I was pretty much immune to them. Literally nothing scared me. When I was 6 I realized my nightmares were actually pretty cool, and treated them as an adventure. Movies don’t scare me, books don’t, nothing does. (ok, so to be honest cockroaches creep me out, but come on, they’re cockroaches.) Anyway, not even Scott Sigler books managed it. But I still loved Perry, and had read Infected and Contagious twice when I discovered the podcast.

    I was all alone in my apartment, washing dishes and listening to the Infected podcast for the first time, when I heard this creepy sound. It caught me of guard and I jerked around, nothing there. Weird. Then it was there again, scared me so bad I dropped the plate I was washing and almost landed on my butt. I hadn’t been paying close attention to the podcast, if I had, I would have known the sound was just the Hatchlings. I laughed so hard when I realized. I wish I had a recording of my reaction, could have made a fortune selling it to my brothers.

    So that Scott Sigler is your Greatest Achievement. You scared the crap outta me.

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