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Scott Sigler- The Video Game!

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    Nocturnal!!! Creepin around at night slicin n dicin

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    tough choice between an anscestor fps and a rookie football/rpg(smugglin) oh by the way this is thread 666
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    It would be awesome! you could play as the Pirates, The Wallcrawlers, and even The Krakens! wOOt! it would need to be made for the best system out there, of course. imagine, you could cripple your opponents! and when you lost, the scoreboard whould flash ‘YOU DIED’. i don’t play football games, and i’d buy that shit!

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     The Rookie would be best.  Make it so the more points you get the more extras you win. 

    Maybe at a certain level you could add different characters from the Siglerverse.  You could add Scary Perry Dawsey to your team or have a Roctopi play on the line. 


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    The rookie would rock…but you’d need one of the high end systems to do it justice….I love my Wii but it wouldn’t cut it

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    they wood b cool

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    The Rookie is made for a game. You could even use any one of the existing constructs… Just change the image mappings and add keys for dismemberment and “lunch-time” tackles. Oh yeah, and receivers that can jump 20+ feet in the air…

    Past that, any of the other books would be good as a walk through RPG… They each have the tense situations and NPR’s to play off against…

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    are refering to my little friends? (said in my best pacino voice)

    the voices are not amused
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    You would have to keep checking out your virtual body, looking for signs of the TRIANGLES, at first you may not notice them, and they could grow and get too big to cut off. But if you caught them when they were still small……. you could use your points to trade for chicken sissors. If you wait too long the voices take over and you are helpless, OH! ! ! voices???? sound like anybody???

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    I think Ancestor would make a good FPS.

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    earthcore has the coolest enemies and the rookie could be NFL meets GTA

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    Which of Siglers books would make the best video game and why?

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