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Scott sigler is a god of sci-fi

  • People who chew their food with their mouths open make me…. furious! 

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam

    This Pusher likes Synaptic Jam on toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    Sphinx said it…… I loved this goofy movie,  I feel like it is the story  forshadowing Overlords takeover….

    don’t you see us Junkies as  super alte-egos, similar to these misfits, in the New Siglerverse?

     We’d all have our own special powers…….

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

     we are #1 so why try harder

    All that matters is getting my fix.

    I’m the local brown-noser here :-p 

    Signature begins here: Matthais, the Engaged Qyuth Warrior is currently feeling: Happy.

    "All others are #2 or lower!"

    where’s that quote from?

    Best author and best listeners around… 

    We do Sigler justice, and he does his justice upon us….  or something like that… 

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

     Stright and to the point, no f’ing around


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    All able bodies need to worship SCOTT SIGLER as the god he is. All none able bodies un willing to worship the high one, SCOTT SIGLER, will be put into slavery.

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