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Scott – I hope you read this

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    I’m disappointed it didn’t make the NYT list as well. It is disheartening to know all the ridiculous factors involved in making the list. I’m happy to follow Scott through whatever media he chooses and I am sure it will be great. Looking forward to getting “my face ripped off” by Pandemic and salivating over Infected as a graphic novel.

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    Couldn’t have said it better! I agree with you-while I was bummed it didn’t make the NYT list, I still will continue to read everything and anything Mr. Sigler churns out. I have recommended his books to several people, and asked that they be purchased for our small-town public library. I even read the All-Pro series, and man do I hate football! I found out about his books while browsing thru my e-reader while in a hospitol waiting room. So…how do we get more people to give his works a try? Is word of mouth good enough to get his name on a list?

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    I want to tell you a story.

    I just finished listening to the All-Pro Episode #25 – and I’m heartbroken to hear you talk about your frustrations with the Nocturnal release falling short of your goal. Rather than chime in with a “FUCK YOU NYTIMES BEST SELLER LIST!!!!!1111!,” rant, I want you to know what I think of your writing.

    A few years back I was commuting to a job that was 64 miles one way. The only way I made those commutes bearable was to start my obsession with audio books. Once I exhausted the popular series (Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, etc.), I was struggling to find a way to fill the time.

    One fateful day at our public library I stumbled across a book called Infected and I stopped to read the audiobook jacket. At first, I was confused. “Another zombie book… snooze…” But after a minute I realized that I had read the entire synopsis and was still holding on to the case. I looked at the artwork with a little bit of apprehension and kept staring at it. Finally I made a decision to pick it up because I couldn’t nail down what the book was really about and my curiosity got the best of me.

    You know your book, so I won’t expand on that… but I was so blown away with your approach to your subject matter that I became an instant fan. I wasn’t satisfied with waiting for my morning commute to continue the story, so I started listening to discs at home before the next day. Once I realized that Contagious existed, I went back to get that sucker the day after I finished Infected.

    At this point, I had to know if there was more to know about this guy Sigler… so I did some searching and found this site. I started listening to your podcast, and I found some of your other works on podiobooks (including Earthcore – awesome!).

    I know fandom doesn’t make you rich Scott, but you should know that your writing is valued by those who read your books. I can’t recall any other author that goes the distance to make his fiction so amazingly plausible. It adds an edge that other authors leave to gimmicks like the infamous “A wizard did it” deus ex machina BS. It should be recognized.

    Noctural may not have been a home run, but it’s a fine piece of work. I was glad to see it get the Sigler Polish ™ treatment. I can’t WAIT for Pandemic and how we’re going to pick up with Montoya and the crew. I know you’ll make this trilogy to a fantastic conclusion and I wish you all the best for a resurgence to greatness (that series NEEDS to be optioned into a movie trilogy BADLY).

    Your appreciative junkie,

    Ross MacPherson
    (aka the weirdo accounting manager who sits in the corner plugged into his iPod)

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