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Scott Alpha

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    …if some or all of the ClonedDOs were working towards the FDO’s goals/publishing schedule, it would make her job a little easier.

    And I suppose they would be plaid tank drivers on ascension day, after all, he can only put trusted people in those positions. Or robots.

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    Yes, while cloning the FDO might be enticing, I think that when the final ascension day arrives that there can be only ONE! Plus, if we had 7 Siglers, I think A would at some point lose it and go postal and what if she accidentally took out the original? Game Over.
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    …Junkies are so crazy is because we’re strung out waiting, waiting, waiting for the next episode, the next words of Sigler, the fuel to get through whatever mundanity that we have to put up with that isn’t science/gore/football. I think that if we had the content that seven FDOs could produce, that we may become complacent and weak, we may forget our place in the grand scheme of Siglerism.

    …that, and betas can be a little tricky, if one or more of them turn out as black sheep, we might get more ruby penises than even the most hardcore Gunther Jones fan can handle. >_>

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    I realize I am using an idea from another author, but what if Scott Sigler cloned himself 7 times? How much awesome content could he spew forth to the masses if he had 7 beta clones of himself and, of course, himself? I don’t think Sigler fans could keep up and their heads would probably blow up from mass overload.

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