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Sci/Fi Horror Fantasy

  • sci-fi, horror, fantasy

     I really like the scifi but the fantasy is good too, like MaAH.

    I also like the ones about the Super Heroes 


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    Medieval stuff (magic and all that) and horror. Oh, and Sigler.

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    SciFi has been my genre of choice since I was 5 and saw my first episode of Star Trek – which was the first episode of Star Trek. If you children out there would care to pull out your calculators and do the math, you’ll figure out that I’m extremely old and damn near a helpless, toothless, doddering old woman in a rest home.

    Anyway, 40 odd years ago, I learned to share my crayons and learned that Captain Kirk looked hot without his shirt on. Yes, I’d figured that out in kindergarten but didn’t *really* appreciate the knowledge for about another 10 years.

    Books, movies, TV, podcasts, sitting around the campfire. I don’t really care where I get my content as long as the content is worth the getting.

    Nowadays, I prefer Joss Whedon, Sigler, Hutchins, Rossi, Orson Scott Card and David Webber.

    Tastes Like Chicken

    I think both are the same, you can have adventure, romance, horror, etc in SciFy or in Fantasy, the important thing is how to tell the tale.

    You can break apart some SciFy history,
    change the tech by magic,
    the aliens with elves,
    the droids with dwarfs
    and the villain… you keep it just the same! but add it some creepy blade

    you’ll end with Fantasy, if you tell it nice, you can have a hit.

    i love the blend
    the best are the ones where yuo cannot decide if it’s horror set in scifi or scifi with a horror twist
    the Aliens movies come to mind
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I usually like things that blend…I’m more a sci-fi guy but I’m not usually on board with “hard” sci-fi.
    Things like the Dresden files really float my boat( the books and the series damn that sci-fi channel)
    And no one kill me (least of all Eternal Overlord Sigler, High One be praised!) But Brian Keene is a great horror writer that blurs the edge of sci-fi technology and Horror.

    I’ve always prefered fantasy but I’m finding I can’t listen to or watch it seriously. You watch some fantasy movie and you see hoaky effects but as you read everything becomes so fascinating in your own imagination. When I hear it I find my brain clicks off after the first named mythical anything. Then when you hear science fiction its almost like someone explaining this wondrous amazing thing just slightly outside of reach I’m not as big of a fan of watching it but you can still compleatly buy into it. Then for horror I find it goes to slowly while reading but any other way is a thrill.

    Thanks for the link, treed!


    Check this out
    the newest incarnation fo star trek
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    I am into scifi big time, i have several authors i read, when i have time. but as i stated, the entry point for me was fantasy.
    Zelazny was one of my all time favorites, but was he fantasy or scifi??
    Spider Robinson is another, but then again he crosses the line between scifi and fantasy
    and the sigmeister here, he pretty much blurs the line of all three
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    The original series of star trek was the best. i have a friend who wrote episodes for deep space nine and voyager and is working on the webisope serial, of men and gods. check it out
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    Tough choice. As a kid, I was so inspired by Star Trek (original, late 60’s early 70’s re-runs) that I joined the Air Force and built my career in space systems. I was thrilled and chilled by Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, and had many nightmares about earwigs burrowing through my brain. I have nursed a life-long paranoia about things that go bump in the night ever since. In my late teens, I got hooked on D&D and loved the escape it afforded from the mundane routine of a High-school student. I still enjoy the freedom a completely fantastic reality that a good sword and sorcery novel. If I have to pick one–It has to be SciFi.

    I am a lifelong scifi & fantasy girl, but have since I becoming a Junkie, I’m finding that I read/watch a lot more horror. Which I guess is pretty kewl considering I was the only one in my house who wasn’t aleady a big fan of the genre. Maybe now the evil teasing will stop – I’m not a horror wimp, I’m NOT!!

    Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, you name it.

    Which is your preference?

    Mine is SciFi. I hooked on sigler (DAMN HIM) through listenning to, and through escapepod and listening to sigler (DAMN HIM) i started listening to and got hooked on horror. i got onto scifi through reading fantasy, robert e howards original conan series. so you couls say i am a fan of all three genras (i love it when the three come together in a REAL good story), but my preference is for scifi, guess it is the scientist in me.

    so anti up!! which do you prefer?
    hell we know you like horror, why else would you be a sigler (DAMN HIM) junkie??

    AND tell us if you dislike one of the others………………….

    the Math god

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