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Scary Perry Dawsey (in his Prime) vs. Quentin Barnes

  • Magnus would bring a machine pistol along

    In a fight, Dawsey would kick Barnes’ ass. Barnes just isnt a fighter. In a game, Barnes would be on top. Dawsey is more like a Feyad type.

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    nice researching!

    i’d be going with barnes as well.

    Well the answer has truly been decided.

    I ran this several times and it always came out with Barnes winning.

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    @ the same time.  he’s bigger stronger & faster.  this is a no brainer.  i can’t wait for the next book.


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    In honor of Ancestor’s re-release early next year, I’d be interested in know how you think Magnus Paglione would do against either Quentin or Perry.

    Remember, Magnus played CFL ball, is a mercenary, is slighly psycho and likes knives.

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       I also agree with RohiPnol, and I agree with PerfectDayForDying too, Perry would have that spot in his prime, "No boubt adout it!" Tweedy is a strong, cocky, angry rocket ready to blow up once he hits that field, he’s aiming to break bones, or even kill when he hits you, but in his prime, i’d have to say that "Scarry Perry" Dawsey would whoop Tweedy’s ass into submission. And if it came to a fight between them, I think Perry has the pain tolerance, the "discipline," to withstand Tweedy, I mean, He cut his Cash and prizes for gods sakes! And he did that after he stopped playing football, so you have to imagine he’d have more tolerance in his prime when he had to do football conditioning every day! Haha, and thinking about it, could you imagine that, QB, Perry, and Tweedy on the same team? Can’t imagine all the trash that they’d talk.

    Kind of hard to say… we never really got to "see" Perry play. Interesting to ponder…

    I think that you have to consider which Quentin Barnes you are comparing.  The Quentin at the beginning of the Rookie had the talent and skill, but lacked humility and trust in his teammates.  Perry having confidence and brains would quickly learn how to take advantage of go-at-it-alone Quentin.  However, Quentin from the end of the Rookie learned how to rely on his teammates and could use them to withstand Perry.  I still think that Perry has the advantage for his brains and of course his DISCIPLINE!!!

    In "Contagious" Perry is not in his prime, he’s been mangled and has been out of the game for some time.  You are right about the anger thing making him the lesser fighter, but would he have uncontrolled anger on the playing field?

    I’m glad that we got a discussion going here. I find the comments very interesting. 

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    For getting perry’s surname wrong. Ofc I meant Dawsey not Dawson. I had a long day and Dawson was the name of one of my complaints. Funny how these things get their hooks in your brain. Apologies for such unconcious shenanigans!

    The question needs to be looked at from a football point of view.

    Speed – For a QB it’s a nice tool to have but in the end it means more hits and harder hits. From any D position speed is needed but not the end all be all of talents (adjusting, jumping, reading the QB’s eyes, and reading the formations correctly will make a slow player seem great) and this is not to say Perry wasn’t fast. He just wouldn’t win a leg race with Barnes. 

    Strength – Barnes is larger in height (sorry but I don’t remember Perry’s weight, but I think there’s a small difference for men of that size 50-60LBS) and we know he can chuck a ball and out run the best the NFL has to offer. The down side to that is it doesn’t really say that he is god awful strong; it does mean that he has a lot of fast twitch muscle. And strength lends only so much to the position. Now Perry can deliver what Rocky would call good old fashion blunt force trauma as shown to us throughout the two books. And strength goes even further we you "eat pain like candy" (sorry I love that line ‘Any Which Way but Loose’)

    Football IQ – Barnes is good but consistently showed problems with this aspect of the game. Turnovers and botched adjustments say it all in this category. To make sure we really cover this Barnes does show good signs of intelligence off the field even if sometimes ignorant. Perry’s IQ on the field sounds very high given the information we have. He had the name Scary Perry right? The tale behind the name is more important for this point which is consistency. You don’t get a name like that for being a spotty player, you have to be smart to always be there for the hits and the plays (Think Polamalu for Pit.). Plus other info makes it sound as if he was a player to make adjustments and decision that let him make those plays. And off the field there is no question that Perry is the leader here. 

    Natural Talent – I would say this is a wash. 

    Barnes = A mutant Favre with Adrian Peterson’s DNA added in for speed.

    Dawsey = Brock Lesner, Lawrence Taylor with more talent and a Geek Squad brain. (Think Tweedy on Brain Steroids) 

    Winner = Scary Perry by a nose. He would get the sacks and make them hurt. Plus Defense wins Championships! 

    *All speculations are based on both players’ participating in the same Rookie season of the NFL.    

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    I don’t care how tolerant Dawsey is to pain, it doesn’t matter if QB shoots him in the face.  Even if QB’s plasma rifle was rendered inactive, I strongly believe he could STILL take out Dawsey.

    Think back to when Dawsey fought Dew in CONTAGIOUS; Dawsey should have been able to wreck Dew with no problem considering that Dew was getting pretty old and out of shape (which he even admits to the reader).  But the reason Dawsey couldn’t wreck Dew is because of his anger issues.  He allows his rage to build up and blind him, making him a less-than-efficient fighter.

    that John Tweedy would lose his starting spot to Perry. 

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    on the surface I see no flaws. it looks sound. 



    Perry is insanely nailZ with capital oooh Jeebus when it comes to pain tolerance… I for one wouldn’t mess but am I not right in remembering that Big as he may be he’s still just a big angry human sized person as opposed to the freakishly large 7foot tall 360lb with a plasma rifle for an arm Quentin.  so I reckon it measures up as follows 

    Physical size strength and speed go to Barnes

    Determination Resilience  and Tenacity  definitely go to Scary Perry

    on the field it has to be futuristically evolved QB

    when it comes to fending off alien invasions and self mutilation then pole position against anyone has to be our man "Junkless" Dawson 

    How do these two Titans match up on the gridiron. Discuss.

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