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Scariest Nightmare?

  • A hobo turns into a frog which eats me, then craps me out as a cupcake…

    Those all kinda sound like movies not imagination…

    i am not sure they got the give crack hits working
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I clicked on the “Give crack hits” and tried to give you 1 ( I am so selfish) but I can’t see that anything happened, then I tried 5, and still nothing I could see changed. Oh well, It’s hard to give up something your addicted to, like those late night pickles, and crack hits, they are MINE all mine………..

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    and get back on yer meds (that’s what they’ve been telling me anyway)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I have always had the traditional stress and anxiety nightmares:
    I find I’m loosing my teeth, they fall out and I can’t do anything about it.
    I am supossed to take a test and I haven’t gone to the class and I can’t find the room.
    I am driving and I find myself driving into a place I can’t turn around in or get out of, or I get my car wedged in a rocky ravine.
    I find myself in the house with my Ex and his new wife, and I can’t get out unseen.
    I find myself in a strange almost alien spceship, barely able to breath and I have to keep quiet or the evil ones will find me.
    A spaceship lands and the creatures that come out are disguised as humans because their faces look like raw meat and I am the only one who knows and no one will believe me……
    The thing is …. NOW even though I still have these same dreams I find myself acually feeling that I am awake and that these are not really dreams. And in the dreams I will tell myself that I had a dream like that, and as I wake up I still think the dream is real untill I completely wake up and realise it was a dream…….. I don’t sleep well anymore.

    yep, heard that, or rather read it before………..too funny
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    When I was a child my great aunt Hazel always told me to check under my bed each and everynight. She had me convinced that a stranger might be lurking there to ravage me as I slept. Well, when I grew up I took her advice and always had twin beds…….. to double my chances.

    The nightmares only do that so you fall back asleep…

    You will get through it. There are books and videos on simple breathing exercise that can help on relax and get a good night sleep. If you need to dream just repeat to yourself when you go to bed,”I need to dream”. It sounds cheesey but if the desire is there, it can become a need. If it becomes a need you will start to dream again.

    Only nightmares I have I never remember when I wake up.

    Thermonuclearpenguin loves the outdoors and the less people the better, but…. the Utah salt flats are the deadest place o the planet and if you get stuck out there will fall flat on your face and be digested by the salt desert.

    I had a recurring nightmare where we were lost out on the flats in 53′ pickup and a pack of wolves found us and started chasing us. I could not get in the cab so I was stuck in the back as the freaking starving pack tried to get in the bed and eat me. The pack was huge and no matter which way we turned they were there. Finally one would leap at me from the side of the truck and would get a bite hold on my belly and begin spin like a crocodile…..that where I would wake up. The really freaky thing is that the whole time the song “Do it again” by Steely Dan, (Bastard!! ROT IN HELL!!) would be playing. Anytime that song comes on the radio I see this as a waking dream and just sit there dazed.

    Aw Crap, now I’m not gonna be able to sleep.

    Think Like A Mob.

    Though you may be one you are powerful, take that power and change the world.

    I was having nightmares all last week but the most vivid of them started when I saw some friends. They said hey, I said hey and then the mysterious people with the baseball bats behind us said hey. They quickly set apon my friend smashing her head into the ground untill all that was left was a cracked boll of a skull and gore and the now dead people with the bats (thanks to me). But the most horrifying part of it all was the smell, you could not imagine the smell…

    The spookiest nightmare I can recall was from when I was about eight. I was in my room, lying on my bed, and I looked up at my lamp. The lamp had a face– and it was laughing at me. I screamed and woke up. I was in my room, lying on my bed, and I looked up at my lamp. The lamp had a face…

    You DEFINITELY don’t want to listen to Paul Levinson’s “The Silk Code”, then. Creepy Amish biotech murderers. That’s even worse than regular murderers.

    Perhaps if you slept clutching an Ipod, you could carry it into your dreams and frighten them. I hear they can’t stand to listen to recent Britney Spears albums. Then again, neither can anyone else.

    I’ve seen a bunny rip appart a pillow in 2.3 seconds… There was pillow blood everywhere…

    ….I love fluffy bunnies! I was told the only sound they ever make is right before they die. It sounds like a muffled howling sound. Or at least that’s what my boss told me the other day when he ate some rabbit meat.


    ps – that might be also why Scott chose to kill me.

    I used to have this recurring nightmare when I was engaged in a lot of vivisection for my Masters degree. The dream would start with me playing snooker on one of those nice big green tables. It’s deathly quiet and I’m all alone. The snooker room has a bare-bulb echo-y ambience just like my lab. By the time I’ve potted all the balls, I’m bored with games, and ready to dissect something. But I’m the only thing around. Just me, the table and my big steel-handled scalpel.

    So there I am, in a kind of out-of-body experience, dissecting myself. I open up the abdomen and see the glistening organs. I lift the big fat, shiny liver and cut it out to reveal the stomach. It’s greenish and squirming. At this point, I get a little scared that I’d better pay attention or I might not be able to put myself back together later.

    So out comes the stomach, leaking contents from the ends. Next I grab the intestine and pull. It rips away from the ribbon-like mesenteric tissue holding it all in place. I keep pulling and pulling, loving the delicate ripping sensation, until it stops with a tug at the bowel. Then I look up and notice the liver.

    It’s sitting there on the green beize, surrounded by congealing blood. It’s no longer warm, and the skin on it is no longer bloodstone red and shiny but dull, dry and starting to pucker. It’s dead. I’ll never get it back in and working. As we say here in New Zealand, I’m totally munted. That’d be about the time I’d wake up screaming.

    The dreams would come every couple of weeks, but ceased a couple of years after I stopped killing things.

    Since I started listening to Scott’s podcast last thing at night, I no longer dream at all.

    I legitimately had a Sigler-inspired nightmare a few nights ago. I was in England for a week, and I woke up with the most vivid nightmare I’d had in months, maybe years.

    The town we were staying in was really small and quiet, and I had stumbled into a bar next to a small, dark church with a lit up “Jesus” on the side in those stringy Christmas lights. There was a giant mastif on the floor, asleep. This thing was like, 200 pounds, 6 feet long, probably.

    I ordered some ribs or something and, after waiting about 40 minutes, started to poke around. All of a sudden I hear assault rifle fire from outside, and duck under the bar (everyone seems to have left). I hear a boot smash into the door, and I scurry out of the back exit of this place. The last thing I hear from the bar is the mastiff flipping out and getting shot.

    I see a few people running around with various weapons — for some reason I instantly realize I’m in the middle of an Iowa Typhoon situation, except it’s like a gang war between two different factions of violently-inclined zombie people. I end up grabbing an M16 from one of the people and fighting my way around for a while, but then I’m stuck in this house with like 4 of the fuckers trying to get in, and for some reason I can’t reload the damn thing. Reloading an M16 is like breathing — simple, easy, and if you can’t do it in your sleep BOY are you fucked.

    I end up getting eaten.

    Fuck you, Scott. Fuck you.

    (On a more pleasant note, just joined up. Been listening since episode 2 of Ancestor, been hooked as a motherfucker. I’m expecting Scott to use me as an interestingly ethnic character with military experience in the middle east that works for some crime syndicate and gets gobbled without firing a shot. So HEY EVERYONE! And thanks for all the awesome books, Scott. Been listening to ep. 1 of Nocturnal on repeat all day).

    i had this one realy scary one when i downloaded this one podcast… and it was so horid and gory and violent and i was hooked until i diecided to burn my ipod… oh wait you said night mare… im beat… well then i sleep at the top of my house and i dream my bed falls out the windows then i wake up falling but the bed hits the ground and bounces me back into my room when i wake up in my bed.

    “What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…”- me

    I’ve heard that spraying them in the face with any kind of cleaning solution that doesn’t have vinegar in it works just as well as acid to the bearded ones.

    (Vinegar being the Amish cure-all of cleaning products.)

    My cat was beating me to death with a pillow. TRUST ME, IT WAS TERRIFYING AT THE TIME. I woke up not sure if I should be screaming or laughing, though. I’ve had two such dreams–one for each cat–and I swear, even though it’s totally ridiculous, I can still conjure up the terror I felt while having those dreams.

    Scientific progress goes ‘Boink!’

    The Amish have also been know to make a bong out of a spinal column, or a chip bowl out of a pelvis. You just have to be careful…

    Take a cellphone, and you may be able to scare them away. They’re not quite afraid enough of pictures capturing their souls, but they can be frightened away if you try to explain rate plans to them.


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    Those things are a bit frightening. My daughter has a dwarf rabbit, and let’s the thing run around the house. If I try to shoo her back upstairs, she’ll rise up on her hind legs and make this “Merfing” sound at me… I think I’ll record it and send it to Siggie… maybe we could try and set it as a ringtone for him?


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    And an intestinal mustache for the kiddies!

    Seriously. Good call getting back on the highway. You’re lucky the Amish didn’t gut you and make a rocking chair out your bones.

    I recently was in P.A and one night on our way back to the hotel we started to run out of gas. So my friends and I started to look for a gas station. We saw a sign that read “Gas, Food, And lodging next exit” We got off the highway and found nothing. As we sat their deciding what to do an Amish buggy came out of nowhere and rode past us. It was like every bad horror film I’ve ever seen. We all decided to take our chances of running out of gas on the highway than to stick around.

    Brilliant! The whole Amish thing could be a shoot off of he that Harrison Ford movie “The Witness”.

    I can see it now….the Amish desperately trying to hide thier worship of an alien zombie like race that makes crop circles each year on their farms. As technological gizmos make this an increasingly more connected world, the Amish will do anything to have their zombie alien gods remain a secret…they would do anything…including kill!

    There are tons to avenues to go down with that story line!! Oh and in case use use this idea….I require a half share.

    So when will you be taking sweet revenge on the Amish by making them the primary victims in one of your stories?

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    They have big, pointy teeth! I’m mean… LOOK at it!


    All of my nightmares involve the Amish. Except, of course, the ones that involve Tatoo from the old Fantasy Island TV show. Tatoo, dressed in gimp-gear and carrying a taser … yeah, that’s real terror.

    But aside from Tatoo, the Amish scare the crap out of me. All mysterious with their secrets and raising of barns and disdain for the Internets that Al and I labored so hard to invent. And those hats, and those beards – what’s up with that? I have recurring nightmares where they cut me up and use my body parts to make furniture.

    Big scary Sigler is scared of little fluffy bunnies

    Second on the question. What monsters are lurking in Siggie’s brain that are too scary for him to share with the Junkies?
    Does he fear spiders? or house centipedes?
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    I was just wondering Sigler, what is the scariest nightmare you have encountered in your years?

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