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Scariest Nightmare 2

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    This is a repost of an older topic just wanted to get it flowing again. If you would like to read old topic it is here: the story so far:

    I am surprised at the responses. Siglers afraid of the Amish hehe. I had realized I never shared my Nightmare so here goes it less the details. My dreams are just plain Fubar. I mean I have explained them to some friends and they will look at me like I am crazy. Sometimes dreams that are in parts or separate stories almost like “Tales from the Crypt,” and then some that are just plain messed up. I mean is it okay that you have nightmares where you are not being chased or murdered but that you are doing the chasing and murdering vividly? First person no doubt. That is the stuff that freaks me out and wakes me up. It’s not just anyone I am savaging either mostly people I know. Anyone else ever have to deal with this? No. I have never seen a Psychiatrist, or will I. Not as if I think this stuff up while awake.

    Let the world become Siglerfied!!

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