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Save Scott from Himself

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    I kinda think it’s good that scott stick to the staples. Do you really think stephen king was sipping some obscure lager made in a basement in Micronesia when he wrote The Stand? No, He was slammin back Bud Lites, or whatever was on sale, and doing hits of cough syrup, just like the rest of us.

    And can you honestly see Squinty Chang’s Rice Lager from Malaysia being THE BEER OF DOOM?

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    ..isn’t mandatory. I may have to reconsider my membership.
    *cough* pissweak *cough*
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    Hell, i’m pretty sure he would love some free beer

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    I shall not infringe his right.

    As for me, I shall drink tasty beer. And cider. And mead. Maybe the occaisional mixed drink.


    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

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    but he writes good fiction, so he’s doing something right.

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    I am seeking the help of all of Scott’s fans. This is a true emergency,if ever there was one.

    Yesterday, Scott posted the following on his Twitter stream –

    The impossible has happened. But Lite is dethroned as the Beer of Døøm™. The new king? None other than the Champagne of Beers. High class. (source here)

    I dont need to tell you how wrong it is that our Fearless Leader thought that Bud Lite was a beer worthy of being the Beer of Døøm™ to begin with… but to then proclaim, for all to see, that Miller High Life is now the Official Beer of Døøm™ is just going to far.

    In order to help the FDO learn and appreciate beers that are not made by the big beer brands, I have started a Chip In page where my goalis to raise $420 and get Scott a one year subscription to the Domestic Beer Club from the people at the Beer of the Month Club. I am hoping that this will expand Scott’s horizons.

    From the Beer of the Month Club‘s site –

    Members receive twelve, 12-oz. beers from two different lightly distributed U.S. Microbreweries. Each shipment includes four different beer styles, three bottles of each style and our monthly newsletter.

    Should I fail to raise the money for a one year subscription, I will use what ever monies are raised to buy Scott a subscription with funds raised closest to an available subscrition level.

    Please help me to help Scott learn what truly great beers are.

    Drop by the Beer for Scott Chip In page and contribute. Any amount helps.

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