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sammy cheating?

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    no your are not crazy. I heard it also. Or this is mass insanity on a national scale.

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    Maybe Sammy is just an unfaithful slut openly cheating on his wife who’s trying to take up with Bryan’s ex!



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    Thanks…something was bothering me about episode 3…that must be it. Or is it all the urine?

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    I actually emailed Scott about this inconsistency.

    I was listening back on the beginning episodes in order to update the wiki character pages and noticed this inconsistency. Haven’t heard back yet if it is an intentional part of the story or an inconsistency.

    If anyone is interested, here are the timestamps of the events.
    Ep.1 58:14: Pookie tells Sammy to say hello to his wife and reminds Sammy of his kid’s birthday
    Ep.3 23:30: Sammy is heard asking Robin Hudson out on a date.

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    While waiting for the next episonde I went back and listened to the first 7 again and noticed something. In episode one in the five rooms pookie says to sammy tell your wife i said hi and reminds him of his sons birthday, then in episode three sammy asks brians ex out on a date. ? Admitidley i was listening at work so if im wrong or missed something i wouldnt be surprised spending eight hours a day with morons takes its toll.

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