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RSS Feed – question/suggestion

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    I really wish the site had an RSS feed as well. I use feeds from my favorite authors to keep up to date on releases and/or to read updates via Feedly. Of course, I visit here more often, but it would still be nice.

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    I want an RSS feed for the blog posts as well. That is the primary way I keep with with happenings around the net.

    Profile photo of Stefani Robinson is blocked in school due to being “illegal/tasteless/questionable” = awesomeness! I am pretty sure its Bella and Kali adding the illegal part in there…….or maybe the filter objects to the Island of Sex & Nudity, or the references to crack.

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    I like to keep up to date with the FDO but have a problem?

    Is there any way to publish an RSS feed for the blog posts along with/in addition to the audio book feed? Especially as the FDO is posting on the blog with a wider scope.

    I subscribe to the podcasts and visit the site when I can. However, I work as a teacher and the is blocked in school due to being “illegal/tasteless/questionable” (a status I have tried in vain to overcome despite having Sigler books in the School Libary). Without needing to frequently check facebook or twitter in School, I would like to know when the FDO posts.

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