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RSS feed for Ancestor?

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    One thing to remember…  If you are listening to a podcast in progress and your subscribed RSS feed   It might pop up and say "Hey!  You’ve got a new episode!"  "Cool!" you might reply…  you’d listen to it and then say "Crap, now I gotta wait and I was cliffhangered!"  

    What you might not know is that Podiobooks might have published 5 episodes of the podcast, and their subscription program is just waiting the selected time period (1 day, or whatever) to publish the next chapter for your feed…  That would mean that for each of the next 4 days, you’ll get a whole new "Hey!  You’ve got a new episode!" message…

     Okay, how to get around that…  When you get a new podcast, hit the podiobooks site, log in, and look at your subscriptions…  You’ll see a message at the bottom… something like this:

    Next epsiode released will be:  Part 17 of (17) on Feb 15, 2008
         [ Release next episode now ]   must change your podcatcher settings to make this work. Please read the FAQs before using this feature.’,CAPTION,’ADVANCED USERS ONLY’,DELAY,0);” onmouseout=”nd();”>[ Release ALL episodes now ]
    I’ve got another new MaAH to listen to that I didn’t even know about!  Awesome!  Thanks for making me check!  You Rock!

    Just click on the "release all episodes now" and refresh your podcatcher… and mainline that shiznit.. 

    For me, I aways just glance at the home page for podiobooks where it lists all of the new arrivals…  like so:

  • 02/28/08: Added 1 chapter to The Secret World Chronicle, Book Two: The Hunt
  • 02/28/08: Added 1 chapter to Murder at Avedon Hill
  • 02/28/08: Added 1 chapter to Interview for a Wizard
  • 02/28/08: Added 1 chapter to Checkwolf – Book 1
  • 02/28/08: Added 1 chapter to Nawashi
  • Personally, if the author has his own feed, I’d use that first… you get better content.  Podiobooks is there for when they don’t…

    Good Luck my friend….

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SynapticJam: you have now been added to my christmas card list.  Worked as described.  Thanks!

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When you go to the link for the books page, you’ll see a button on the left that says "Subscribe"… 

This will take you to a subscription page… you can set how often you receive new episodes, every day to once every two weeks, whatever…  The two things your really interested in are the URL for the RSS feed and the link that says "Release All Episodes NOW"…   Click on the release all episodes now.  The screen will refresh… Now copy the xml url and paste it into your favorite podcatcher…  Let me know if you’re having any trouble…

This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

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For those of us who aren’t dependent on iTunes to download podcasts, where’s the RSS feed for Ancestor?

Found the podiobooks web site (, but there’s no obvious rss link.


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