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Roctopi Sketch

  • That’s cool! Thanks.

    I am not familiar with a picture in the EarthCore feed but our evil overlord does have some pretty sweet fan drawings archived on Flickr.

    Click here to view this fan picture is of a rocktopi.

    Hope this helps!
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    Are there any artists out there? I don’t draw so much, but I always thought it would be great to get a visual collection of some of the concepts Scott describes. I’m a real visual person (no offense, pookie) and I
    instantly googled for amateur art while listening to this one and do this often, are there artists that can render a pic gallery? It would be awesome!

    I’d like to see that pic. Always fun to see how the author’s concept matches up with what has formed in my head over the course of the book.


    Wheres the picture?

    where’s the pic at yo!?!

    wheres da fota

    True, if we can’t buy it, I say we share with the torrent community, demonoid anyone?

    Actually, there is already a copy of EarthCore floating around on Demonoid, but I believe it’s the same as from podiobooks and whatnot. Don’t know, haven’t checked.

    And thats on a private torrent community? What do you think of that ehhh? 6 seeders, 2 leechers. Booyakaa! Sigler (like Elvis) is EVERYWHERE!

    This would be great unless Sigler teams up with the RIAA and slaps us with $212,750 ($9,250 per track) like old Jammie Thomas… God rest her (alleged) pirating soul.

    If somebody does, then I want it out on bittorrent, eh?

    Siggie, if you’re not gonna make it available in merch, can we peer-to-peer it? Or are you going to have copies available for us slackers to buy?


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    would love to see pic
    if you no wanna up load plz send to
    hi i am an original junkie
    and wannabe writer
    also mad dog lover (in good way) staffi pit bull terrier
    real name Stuart jeferies

    I think someone needs to upload this somunabitch!

    Eh… Billy… how about that picture? :::POKE::::


    I have got nothing but total respect for a junkie who’s so dedicated he can get the really good stuff. I am also waaaaay envious.

    Mr. Sigler, I can haz? kthxbie


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    how did you manage to snag a limited edition cd

    And I thought getting a Signed Copy of Ancestor and Earthcore was special. Plus he didnt sign them on the damn cover! J/K Scott.

    Yeah He Did Put Out a VERY mp3 cds with just the straight book on there …..i think he said like only about a hundread or so just for like reviewres and stuff….and i was actualy lucky enough to snag myself one. back when he was sending out anscestor postcards. actualy i think i remeber him making me swear to secrecy…but oh well. super special junkie gift for a super special junkie! (i belive the only group hom3/0rph4n junkie) but anyways i remebr him saying that what few he had left he was going to sell or something. but i never ended up seeing them anywhere so i dont think he did. but yeah i’ll try to post a picture of it up soon. but yeah theres like less than 100 in exsitence and i got me one! oh and he specificly said that they werent making anymore…at all. that was absolutly it but yeah i’ll be sure to post a picture soon. (probably in this thread so check back soon).

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    I heard a while back that Scott released some CD’s (DVD’s?) with the entire EarthCore book edited down with out promos and gibber jabber. If I remember correctly these CDs had in image of a Roctopi on it. Has anyone seen what this sketch looks like? I have yet to see a sketch approved by the author, thus I am not fully clear as to the Roctopi’s visual appearance.

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