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Robot Uprising

  • @thejaxx: I’ve caught a similar online sentiment here and there. Very encouraging.

    I’ve been seeing other people mention the book and some of the authors they read, Scott happens to be “I will have to check some of his other work out” type of impression.

    More junkies!

    @Ratman: Sweet, we’re glad you enjoyed it. Closing in on THE RIDER and hope to have that in eBook production soon.

    The story was great. It also seems like a tremendous compliment to you as an author that they put “God Complex” as the first story in the collection.

    I cannot wait for “The Rider” and “The Gangster”

    @scottsigler: You tease! Looking forward to more when you deem we are worthy for it.

    So glad you Junkies liked “Complex God.” I’m really honored to be in that collection (reading through the other stories right now). Petra is fun as hell, and I hope I can write more of her arc. I know exactly what happens from here on out — the story is wild and tragic.

    @ratman19: Whew! I’m glad. I also enjoyed it and wished it went on longer. I’m a big fan of his GFL (and other) stories as well, but don’t really care for real sports! If the GFL was on TV I’d be watching each Sunday! Have a good one!

    Don’t worry, you didn’t ruin it for me. Matter of fact, I just finished reading it and loved it. Like most Sigler stories, I wish it wouldn’t end. I love all the novella’s and short stories that have to do with the GFL universe.

    @ratman19: Oops, hope I didn’t spoil it for you! Enjoy!

    I havent finished the story yet. I am milking it.

    It took a while for me to figure it out…had chills at the end when I finally got it! Great story. I love how it links his stories so far apart in time together.

    I just purchased the anthology “Robot Uprising” which features a short story by Scott Sigler called “God Complex.” Was I the only one who didn’t realize that this is the story of Petra Prawatt (the human who invented the Prawatt race)?

    Imagine my excitement when I realized this…..:-)


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