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Robbie…… Get out of Study Hall and Fix the Forums!!!!

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    I’m in the web biz (sorry Robbie, Java, no PHP) and I can testify that it sucks when stuff doesn’t work… especially when you’re the guy with your sack on the block and there’s an angry mob heading your way fighting over who gets to carry the axe. Props to Robbie for doing this single-handedly.

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    I have mentioned this in other forum areas. Robbie, also known as "Mr. I.T." (he pities the fool dat don’t fill out his profile) is on the short list for Those Soon to be Dead. He’s doing the best he can to get the database running. He hears the garden shears, he knows the consequences.

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    White Screen of Death (and not the GOOD death) whenever I try to go to forum pages : no good. : no good.

    Why Robbie… Why???

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