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Rex and Foster Care

  • The story line works better with her being a foster mother so you can just add the back story later for Rex’s linage. For her to be a step mother that means she married his dad or something like that and we don’t know if this works with the soon to come back story.

    What doesn’t work with the foster mom thing is the last name being the same and the fact that she just didn’t pony up his state insurance card when he broke his arm since he is a ward of the state.

    It just needs to be cleaned up a bit so it’s clear if she is a step mother or a foster mother….one of these will work but not both….at least with the story so far…who know where the dark lord will take it 🙂 …..oh yeah…please don’t have me shot for bringing this up…lol

    You’ve definately got something there… I’m with BarbaraJ’s take as an evil step mother

    of course, I’m still going with the “Both Bry Bry and Rex are Maries Children. Bryan was just adopted and his dad never told him”…….

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    I swore an episode or so ago, Rex referred to Roberta as his ‘step-mom’. I was sure that was how The Dark Overlord® intended to correct the whole “State pays the medical expenses of foster kids” problem he encountered in the first chapters.

    I’m wondering if Roberta is both step mom and foster mom. Married to the absent/dead/? father but not really related by blood or adoption to Rex so she’s getting payments from the state?

    Tastes Like Chicken

    i have had friends that were foster parents and that just hadn’t occurred to me. good catch
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    First off this is a great book and I’m a total converted dark side junkie. This has been your best podcast simply because you’re talking more before and after. I don’t usually listen to fluff in my podcasts but well…it’s like crack…you just want more 🙂

    But back to the subject heading. I’m a foster parent in the real world and I have problem with Rex’s last name in the book. When kids come into custody and get placed into foster homes they keep their original last names. So for his name to be the same as his foster parents would be really weird. The only time it’s changed is if the said kid is adopted by the foster parents. But this would mean that the foster parent no longer gets any money for the kid. I highly doubt that Rex’s foster mother is that benevolent and is really in it for the money. So you may want to decide on a different name for her in the printed version.

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