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    This is the last part of a review of Nocturnal on crimespreemag.coms blog. I really like the writers comparison of Scott to Stephen King.

    “I’m going to end my summary there, because I feel that anything else would be spoilers. As I read the book, I kept having moments where I would say to myself, “What the fuck…” in a good way. Sigler’s pacing is slow and deliberate. He reels you in and out of the story, giving up little pieces at a time. Many times when I read something, part of my mind will jump ahead and try to guess what is going to happen. I couldn’t do it with Nocturnal. I was hooked and surprised over and over again from page one. This is one of the most original pieces of genre fiction I have read in a long time. The book clocks in at 500+ pages but it goes quickly. Almost too fast if you ask me. Sigler is like Stephen King with a huge dose of testosterone and adrenaline. His level of detail sets a standard in my eyes. Again, I apologize for not summarizing it more but if you decide to read the book, I’d like you to have the same kind of experience that I did. I knew it would be a sci-fi/horror/ action story and I was right. Everything else was unpredictable and I loved that. I could list a few movies and say if you mashed those titles together, you would have Nocturnal. I’m not making that move. Do the work, it’s worth it, and find out for yourself. Sigler rocks hard. I cannot wait to see what he does next.”

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