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request to add new country to country list.

  • Paul Cooley’s podcast
    specifically his story "Momma"

    You don’t understand. I’M not locked in here with YOU. YOU’RE locked in here with ME. – Rorschach

     #1 It was an illegal war

    #2 It is only Half Time, and your only up by 1.

    The Platypus is a Semi-Aquatic Mammal

    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’  

    – Ronald Reagan

    Sorry to say, but we won that war. With respect for your heritage, you are still part of the united states of america. I have full confedence that the south is not going to "rise again", at least not any time soon.

    I say we should add the Confederate States of America.  There are many of us in the South proud of our lineage/heritage of having family who fought for our freedom in the War of Yankee Aggression.  We deserve to have our flag flown with the rest of the Flags of Country’s that have fallen to Siglerism.

    Long Live and Sigler Bless the South.

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