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Removing a barrier to regrowing organs in mammals

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    I concur good sir…

    A Flying Spoon, and Faithful Servent of The FDO

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    More like world governments are puppets for the FDO and his shady dealings.

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    Problem is that they just got mature muscle cells to grow so to actually be able to regenerate limbs they would need multiple cell types and other guidance cues. I would expect that lack of vascularization and innervation would be serious issues. I would think that a combination approach of biomaterials and stem cells would be required to actually get something close to a functional limb. Maybe we would see triangles x ancestors????Surprised

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    Is Scott Sigler a puppet for the world governments and their shady dealings?

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    I am very suprsed that FDO hasn’t been kidnapped for his obvious knowledge of hidden secrets within the world governments…i mean they probobly only released thats article to try and control the fallout from the release of ancestor….

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    Is this another offshoot to what the scientists at Genada are doing? Read about Cattle cloned from dead animals.

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    The FDO wears many hats!

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    Sigler’s a prophet

    Theres always a bright side. I bet Sigler’s book finally hits top ten when the first regenerating unkillable freak gets loose,

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    Hey Junkies

    I thought you would like to see this article about how scientists are depleting cancer-protective proteins to allow mammalian cells to regenerate. The article by ScienceNews can be read here.

    Mammal can’t regenerate limbs (like zebrafish and salamanders) because of their ARF back-up system, but the scientists are disabling the backup plan and achieving results which could lead to a future where limbs could be regrown or damaged organs could be regenerated.

    Sound familiar?

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