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Reliving Earthcore

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    Yes, it was my first too!

    And it rocks – I’ll have to listen again.

    That is, until I can find a paper copy!!!

    Mr Fast Fingers (title bestowed upon me by guestford_junkie)

    Sigler podcast and it is my favorite. I think it is time to give it another listen. For the 4th time

    Tongue outRichno3…….out

    Love the story and hoping for the sequel. Gotta go now. Jonesing for some Sigler crack. Nocturnal here I come.

    One shot one kill? Please, I don’t have that kind of time.

    I chuckled: The song thats playing on the boom box at the “The Shaft is Complete” party is AC-DC “Highway to Hell”. Nice foreshadowing… I approve. Laughing

    Because such a reorganization requires the removal of the causes of the civilization’s decline, the triumph of one social class over another or of one political unit over another, within the civilization, will not usually have any major influence…-Carroll Quigley (Tradgedy and Hope)

    Earthcore was my first and what captured me right away was the mystery of it. You didnt understand what it was or what was happening and that drew me in. He tied it all up nicely but created more unanswerd questions for a sequel.

    As long as a girlco member is using them………

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    Mostly because I’m some what claustrophobic and I can feel the closeness and darkness of the underground in the story. The darkness…..*shivers*


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    UNdead Advisor to the King Of UNdead for Sigler.

    And I am holding out that the names of my friends who turned me on to the FDO’s work will be in the rewrite.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    with a slab of meat and then pee on it befor the plier thing. GirlCo is scary.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    it was either that or Ancestor I can’t quite remember. I don’t really like confined spaces and fear that being of substancial physique that I would get stuck in a crawlthrough…. I didn’t like that Magnus hiding in the mine in ancestor either…. amazing that in amongst the horror, monsters blood death explosions etc the thing I still find most scarey is the confined spaces… go figure!

    I would love to get my hands on the Platium Knifes that the Rockipoi use. That would be so rocking!!

    and I’ll say it again. I heart Earthcore!!!!!! Now where are my pliers?

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    as a graphic novel. Doubly so for Nocturnal.

    **All this plan is missing is a giant freaking laser in space.”**

    Was my first podcast to listen to. And it got me hooked on Sigler. Have listened to all the podcast novel’s and Earthcore is up in #2 position right behind Ancestoras to my all time fav’s.


    I am still listening to earthcore, but i am lving it.  I want to get one of the silver bugs as a pet.  So when Scott takes over the world and if i am spared; I want to help create these lovable creatures

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    After the Infected and Contagious twins. Not a bad menage a trois, if you ask me. Ah, but I’ll never forget my first. I find myself staring at the animated gif on the home page waiting for the Earthcore cover to come by. I’m reliving the joy, 1.3 seconds at a time.


    I may aswell come out of hibernation and say Earthcore is my favourite Sigler story, setting, characters and all. Been waiting for the sequel for years.

    I love Sunny and the whole unfolding of the story.  I think Ancestor is probably my favorite, but there is a special place for Earthcore.  I put it in my top 20 novels of all time, maybe mostly because of the innovation behind the medium, but also because of the truly original story.

    I heard things I missed the first time and the fact that after some time has gone and the little details in the story are no longer fresh, its all brand new.



    "Dig that out" – Earthcore – Mine Shafts.  You are so witty. Smoochies!

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    I need to dig that out again.

    I started listening to Earthcore again on Sunday when I was heading to Ann Arbor to meet Scott for the first time.

    I think Earthcore is my third favorite after the Rookie and Nocturnal.

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