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Regarding Fan Fic

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    I am revisiting the Rookie after watching the Superbowl…..I love Aliens, and there must be two little old aliens out there somewhere trying to solve an intergalactic mystery.

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

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    I agree, The Rookie is the obvious choice, and actually the one that was considering. And with regard to putting The Rookie back in the rotation, I beat you to it… I’m on episode16 second time around. No offense, but I’m not listening to the jibber-jabber after the episodes this time.

    Out if curiosity, how long did it take you to develop the back story/setting of The Rookie? It’s pretty comprehensive as far as galactic histories go.

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    The Siglerverse is wide open for fan fiction. Nothing will be "cannon," mind you, or part of the official story, but there is so much room to have fun it’s just ridiculous. Take THE ROOKIE, for example. There is a ton of teams, all with 42 players, travelling through space, dealing with organized crime, etc. Literally thousands of stories out there that I won’t have time to get to before I croak at the ripe old age of 133 (yes, I know exactly how long I’m going¬† to live … so I got that going for me, which is nice).

    I’m sure there are a few more INFECTED victims out there (just don’t let them get covered by the media, and make sure their demise is "cover-upable," and you’re home free). ANCESTOR and EARTHCORE do not lend themselves to fan fiction, although there is quite a history for the Rocktopi in their 12,000 years on Earth.¬†

    So, my literary-inspired Junkies, have at it. I highly suggest you fire up your archived podcast of THE ROOKIE, or visit and check out the gigantic history section there. I mean there are a LOT of stories to be told! Try coming up with characters that aren’t actually listed in the timeline, yet obey the timeline itself, and you’ll not only have a ball, other Junkies will be very interested to read what you create

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    So, I’m wondering what Scott’s stance is on fan fiction. Is he for it, against it, or ambivalent?

    I’m asking based on a few thoughts that I had, which essentially amount to these:

    If I’m writing fan fiction, sure I’m doing it for myself for the fun of it, and maybe for the entertainment of other fans… but really and truly the only audience that matters is Scott, because at the end of the day, if I write some Sigverse fan fiction and Scott reads it and says “This is Crap” or “No way, that would NEVER happen” well, whats my fan fiction worth? And truthfully, I’d WANT to write something that Scott would like, or at least accept as plausible in his world. Otherwise it doesn’t really amount to much.

    Along a similar line is this: The author of fan fic is NOT Scott Sigler, and at the end of the day the Sigverses are his creation, from scratch, up in his noggin. With that I can guarantee that there are elements to the Sigverses that perhaps remain undocumented on paper of podcast, but I’m sure Scott considers them valid elements regardless. A danger then becomes, “What if I write something that negates one of Scott’s unwritten ideas?” I guess that could always be possibility, but still, I’d hate to get into that situation.

    Also, if we write something in a Sigverse that’s a pretty cool idea that Scott HASN’T thought of… would he pull it into the main thread?

    And would he be willing to be a sounding board on some fan fic ideas?

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