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Recruiting to the cause!

  • Screwy side bit, apparently the name Allard is german bastardized to french from Allhard. Not how it spelled in the german version but roughly how it sounds. Any how, what organization could possible have a chip on its collective shoulders over kissy? The mans a constumaite gentlemen in all affairs. A bit aloof perhaps. Persay some other expat krauts with a certain former or current affliation in common with kissy? Perhaps a buddy from a trench half a world away? That french officer that kissy kept losing poker hands too?

    I’m pretty sure there could be some wayward Scots people, getting down and dirty somewhere, hoping to take down the Kissyman…?

    Hmmm … missing people from your fine, fine organization? I wonder if we will rectify that in future KISSYMAN tales.

    My faithful followers, I have recently found my inner circle is…uh… missing a few folks, due to the meddling of a stupid german… I would like to invite you to join my wonderful organization!

    -Mathis Wrenn

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