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  • The Epic Battle back in 2004 between The Heroic Western Carolina University Catamounts and the vile, smelly, ugly, disgusting, rank, evil, demonic, mean, tasteless, Appalachian State Mountaineers… The Battle for the Old Mountain Jug, called by Sports Illustrated as “the best football rivalry you’ve never heard of.” The game was also the 2nd ever life broadcast that ESPN aired back in 1979. The teams have been fighting ever since 1932 (and obviously, App state has been paying off zebe’s for decades….)


    quite possibly the greatest football game I’ve ever seen.

    Steelers Steelers Steelers!
    Go Steelers!
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    Steelers vs Ravens or Packers vs Bears in NFL. Army vs Navy or Michigan vs Ohio State for college.

    Krakens kick major ass!

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    The game had been hyped as the battle between two great quarterbacks, Miami’s Dan Marino and San Francisco’s Joe Montana. This Super Bowl also fell on the same day that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated for a second term as President of the United States. Because January 20 fell on a Sunday, Reagan was sworn in privately and the public ceremony took place the following day………..The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

    Found it on youtube and I was right. Knowing on an intellectual level is fine but you really have to see it to get it. Will be watching some more though
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    Maybe not all of the ones recommended by DSEBAYL06, but still. Some of the recommended ones are there, I think.

    Superbowl XIX: Miami Dolphins vs. SF 49ers:

    The guy has mostly older games, but the rules have not significantly changed since these games were broadcast than from what you’d need to get a good feel for the game.


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    Sweet! I’ll have to try and find some of those.
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    Super Bowl XLII – Giants vs Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI – Patriots vs Rams Super Bowl XXXIV – Rams vs Titans Super Bowl XXV – Giants vs Bills Super Bowl XLIV – Saints vs Colts Super Bowl III – Jets vs Colts Super Bowl XIII – Steelers vs Cowboys Super Bowl XXIII – 49ers vs Bengals Super Bowl XLIII – Steelers vs Cardinals……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

    Need some help folks, bored of reading/listening to the GFL and not really following the play action (I’m Irish). I know it’s been explained and I’ve read all about it on wiki but as the saying goes, ‘Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me do it and I will understand.’ I’m planning to watch some highlights or games of American Football so that I get the books more. I have a basic understanding of the game (concept of downs, offense, defense, etc.) but think I can get a lot more from actually seeing a game or two. I was hoping some of the Football junkies here can suggest a game or 2 that would be worth watching to learn about the game (I suspect this will lead to trash talk). If I recall there are rule variations across the leagues (College, NFL etc.) so the only caveat is the rules should match the GFL ones (so NFL I think), oh, and decent commentary would probably be a bonus

    Can’t believe the FDO has made me want to watch Football!

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