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Rank Sigler's books

  • This seems like an explosive topic… could piss some people off. As for me, I don’t give a crap. Let’s do this thing! I have been rating all of my audiobooks in my myspace blog anyway.

    I have to say that Ancestor is my favorite. It had the most believeable science behind it. It relied on good old fashioned story telling and it would absolutely make the best movie. The sick cows could be really bad-ass special effects.

    The Rookie was great because I quickly forgot about the about the crazy aliens and it was just about sports to me. The addition of the nanites made it possible for the characters to endure terrible, gruesome bodily injury and recover in a week to do it all over again. I actually happen to believe that real nanites are possible in the not too distant future.

    Nocturnal does seem to be a rough-cut first draft and Sigler did say he was taking the "open-source" approach. Seems like this one was for the fans. Hey, I was a character in it for crying out loud. I loved Pookie and his non-stop wise-ass remarks. (I have a suspicion of who Sigler learned that little literary technique from). I rank this one based on the pure enjoyment I got out of it.

    I loved Earthcore for combining science and great storytelling. When Sigler says that his stories are based on hard science and not the supernatural I think of Earthcore. You, as the reader (or listener) had to grant him a little literary license for this one. In a "blind  taste-test" I could probably figure out that this was the first novel.

    In the early chapters of infected I actually started to itch when Sigler described the symptoms. At the time I was spending many hours driving back and forth to Mass. for work and I had an actual physical reaction to the story, in the car! Aside from Perry, we didn’t get to see a lot of deep character exploration in Infected. The first few episodes of Contagious are leading me to think that, maybe Infected is just "Book 1" of a kick-ass trilogy (or more).

    Don’t forget about the Crypt character episodes and the Bloodcasts. There was some seriously excellent stuff in there!

    I thought it would be interesting to have the junkies rank Sigler’s books.  So rank the following books in the order of your preference (from the one you like the best to the one you like the least).  Bear in mind that just because we rank something last doesn’t mean we don’t like the book – it just happens to be the one we like the least.  We’ll just rank the books that have been completed (or almost completed)

    Earthcore, Ancestor, Infected, The Rookie, and Nocturnal.

    For me the order would be




    The Rookie


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