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Random users getting their pictures deleted

  • i tell a lie it’s just come back…….Embarassed

    i just joined yesterday…and my picture has been delected when i post….why

    You can add gupie1, WallyJJ and bconklin to that list of folks who’s pictures have disappeared.



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    I have noticed several users pictures disappear over the past week. The three I noticed were scottsigler (FD∅™), I AM— (MC), & deathspiral (MC). Scott has since replaced his. I AM & deathspiral’s are still missing. I don’t know if this is a gremlin in Drupal or what. Figured I should bring it to your attention since it is no longer an isolated incident.

    If you are a user who has had their picture deleted (and you didn’t do it), please post a comment here with any details you can provide. Thanks!

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