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Quyth and the Combine

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     i wana c a ancester with a zed

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    Careful where you put your zed chromosones. Innocent

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     stuped little bats

    Im a  friend of death, a brother of luck and a son of a bitch!

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    I have a relative that bred and a Creterakian came out. Must have been a recessive gene.

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    If you want to play beyond Tier 3, you have to follow their rules. Them’s the breaks.

    Don’t take life so seriously.

    It isn’t permanent.

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    You know what you’re getting into when you enter the station.  I guess the Concordia can’t really do much about it if their citizens willingly walk into the lion’s den.

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    any chance if someone is found with mods that can be reversed…?

    or just death period? 

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    And sometimes they disappear. Once they set foot on the Combine, they are submitting themselves, temporarily, to Creterakian law. So if the modifications are particularly grevious, the Quyth Warrior in question may just cease to be. It’s not like it’s a secret, so anyone with mods who enters the Combine is taking their chances. 

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    Not sure if this has been addressed but …

    So, the Quyth Concordia was never conquered by the Creterakians.  However, Quyth Warriors still have to go to the Combine to get cleared for upper tier ball.

    So what happens when a Quyth Warrior goes to the Combine, and is found to have bio or cybernetic mods?  Do the Creterakians still get to imprison or kill them?  If that’s the case then Quyth Warriors must have to sign some contract that releases their rights as a Quyth Citizen or something, and lets the Creterakians enforce their rules without causing an intergalactic military episode.


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