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Quintin Barnes

  • I had forgotten about Cordelia…. I looked her up on wikipedia, and then I rememberd her!!

    I think I will go back and watch old episodes of both Buffy and Angel.

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

    I’m going to quote Coredelia Chase and simply say,

    "There’s not enough ‘ewwww’ in the world to cover this."

    For an old lady, you’re perty gross.  But in a funny way.

    Tastes Like Chicken

     I was thinking the same thing.  It may not be the main story line but I bet Quintin finds his parents


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    Quentin gets chummy with an alien cheerleader or better yet an alien supermodel, and gets and alien STD…. and the rash kinda has a TRIANGLE shape….. OOOOOOOOO!!!

    from begining to end, it is all about the game


    got it??

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I think Quinten will have a fall from grace after taking the “Big Payday” from somewhere else only to return and rebuild his rep on and off the field

    and starts listening to infection then gets to rookie and all sorts of shit starts happening.
    but honestly gonna be some kool stuff in tier 1 and also dont forget toe pierates

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    Quintin has shown he can *really* unite the races. How much you wanna bet that by book 3, we’re in a full-blown intergallactice rebellion with Quintin as a bit more than just a ‘gridiron general’.

    And what’s better is that since it’s Sigler writing it instead of George Lucas … we’ll get it in order and most of it WON’T suck.

    Tastes Like Chicken

    There’s a whole universe out there to play ball in…

    Yeah, they made it to Tier 1 – yipee… But the money’s not in ball, it’s in the bag… All those new open “trading” routes for the sindicate… What happens when rival mobs fight for territory? Do the GFL teams become pawns in their power plays? What about the To Pirates, and their “courting” of Quentin? What will their take on Quentin be now that he’s firmly ensconced with the Krakens…
    What would happen if Greedok demanded that Quentin tank a game with another team because it would open new trade routes for him?

    With Quentin becoming so chummy with all the sub-races, will his own people dis-own him and maybe even work against him? What if he was banned from the purest nation and then suddenly his parents showed up back on his home planet? Would the team pull together to get them out? What would that look like? having a bunch of Ki linemen on Purest Nation soil trying to effect a rescue mission. A scene straight out of a nightmare, that’s what…

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    Flash Gordon torture… snicker…


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    I vote he gets money grabbing assholes who claim to be his parents… but turn out to be even bigger assholes…

    and his real parents are locked in a dungeon somewhere…

    being forced to watch the new Flash Gordon series…

    Mike—i ahve no idea why… it seemed like a good torture–>

    cool ideas

    Yeah, I bet Quentin has a little “blue-skin” bastard child from “that one time” in college… crazy kid.

    Either way though, I hope the next few Rookie’s have lots of focus on the different mob/drug/underground alien culture type feel that, to me, tied it in which a few of my favorite dystopian tales like bladerunner and whatnot… Can’t wait!

    … in Siggie’s version, Spike may get sliced open with the little girl slipping and sliding in his entrails, as Quentin rips the arms from their attacker. It’s all in the execution.


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    Quentin finds out that he has a daughter that he never knew about, when she is brought to live with him. The cute little girl turns his whole world upside down, and many hilarious adventures ensue with them and their Bulldog Spike…..wait a second, this is sounding familiar…..

    We learn early on in the books that Quentin’s an orphan. Anybody wanna tackle a “Quentin meets his parents” scene? That’d be kinda cool.


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    so will the 3 books be about the same thing playing in tier 1

    what do you think is goin to happen in the next 3 rookie books?
    because they got to tier 1 at the end of book 1 so what will happen?

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