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Questions from new Junkie

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    That reminds me…

    I bought Nocturnal and Ancestor hardcovers a while back. I gifted Ancestor to a teenage nephew for christmas of 2011 and put Nocturnal away for the next christmas. When I started to search for the book at the end of last year I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    I have searched my apartment thoroughly three times since and no luck. So I still don’t know what the rewrite is about.

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    I do have the original Nocturnal. Scott killed the links to it online when he released the rewrite for Crown. The goal is to keep new fans from getting confused by different versions of the same story. Many things changed in the rewrite. Anything he has rewritten for Crown, the published Crown version is cannon. That being said, I do have copies of almost all the original podcasts. You can contact me at about them.

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    I’m sure she does. She goes by Shadygirl on the site here. Drop her a line and if she has it, she’ll set you up. If you can’t find her, let me know. (I know where she lives.)

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    Hi JP. Do you know if your wife has the original podcasts saved for Nocturnal? A lot of the links in the history pages on seem to be dead.

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    The five books un the crown deal are:


    EARTHCORE was in there, but Crown opted to go with PANDEMIC instead so they could have the whole INFECTED trilogy.

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    Hmmm… could be, but I can’t remember exactly which 5 books are under the Crown deal.

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    I thought Pandemic was the last book in his Crown deal (thought it was only for 5 books unless it got extended or i could be wrong).

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    Scott, in reference to your follow-up question, no, Scott doesn’t always podcast then rewrite his books. The GFL books, for example, are being published 1st as special edition hard covers, then as podcasts. I believe Nocturnal was originally podcast as he was writing it and Ancestor was podcast in 2005 then published by Dragon Moon Press in 2007 before being rewritten in 2010.

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but the main reason for the rewrites is that Scott signed a book deal with Crown Publishing and it was agreed that the already written books under that deal would be rewritten before being released under the Crown label. Those books included Ancestor, Nocturnal and, I believe, Earthcore.

    Pandemic, the 3rd book in the Infected series, also under the Crown deal, is still being written and has never been released in any form. I think the last book in the Crown deal is going to be Descendant, the sequel to Ancestor, which is still on the drawing board.

    I hope that answered your question. You can always refer to Scott’s About page for more info as well.

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    2) The original version Ancestor had 19 episodes. The rewrite has 38 episodes + Q&A.

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    Hey Scott! Welcome to the jungle. My wife Shadygirl has all the original podcasts saved. I’m sure she’d be happy to send you a copy of the whole thing, with all the jibber-jabber and the Q&A. I’ll point her at your post.

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    Hmm well for more info on him and the books and stuff you can always check the Siglerpedia link in the menu at the top of the page.

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    I’m a brand spanking new Junkie and after roaming the site and web for a bit I have a few questions I’ve been unable to figure out on my own. The first and main reason for this posting:

    1) I bought Infected from Audible, this version doesn’t include the Q&A. Every link I’ve found for the Q&A is broken. Is there any way to aquire the Q&A?

    2) I just downloaded the free version of Ancestor from itunes. Is this the same as the version for sale at Audible?

    Question 2 is why I think could use something like a “for beginners” page. Here’s how I think it works and please tell me if I’m wrong. Mr. Sigler releases a book for free in podcast form, if it is well received he does a rewrite for the published version? I’m turning a couple of coworkers onto him and I want to have an idea what I’m talking about before I start talking.

    Thanks a ton,


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