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Questions for Scott.

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    i see stories being developed and aired
    so much backstory could be a place were fan fiction comes into play*
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    Here’s a theory…
    These funny colored quasi-humans are the result of some alcohol-induced decision making by previously upstanding Purist Nation citizens on vacation throughout the galaxy. Even Jame T. Kirk couldn’t resist going for the bright green Orion slave girl.


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    They’re also referred to by the Purists as the “Mongrel Races”, which to me implies that there was some ‘gene swapping’ going on. Of course, I can’t say I’d put too much stock in Purist theories, especially when the governing rule of their logic system is Modus Demonens, or “If P, then Satan. If not P, then still Satan. Q.E.D.

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    Scott – what is up with your beloved Detroit Lions??? They are ON FIRE! Don’t you wish you were doing The Rookie right now – I don’t think you would be hearing from as many Bear’s fans this year!

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    Is there more of a background behind the um….. Non-Human, Humans? O.o

    What I mean is, the Heavy G’s, the Blue, and White skinned humans. Why are they colored that way? Was in environmental? I understand the Heavy G guys are just bigger because they would need to be stronger to put up with more gravity. But how much of a difference in gravity are we talking?

    Just curious on your background thoughts. Thanks Sigler.

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