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Questions about android/computer terminology

  • Idaho National Laboratory has a tutorial on Humanoid Robotics. It has some general information on they operate. Don’t know if it will help you much but I has some general descriptions of how they are designed and operate.

    Hey. I’m writing a story right now, and I have questions about the terminology used in dealing with Androids and AI type stuff.
    At the moment, I have plans to continue to add to what little I have and I think it could be a good shot for a novel, or possibly a string of comic books, but I also think the first 11 pages that I have written could stand alone as a decent sci-fi short story that I could submit to some magazines.
    The problem here is that I am woefully ignorant and unaware of what exactly goes on in modern day computers, much less futuristic humanistic androids. I’m fairly certain that when describing the inner-workings of a complex sentient machine, one can only get so far with vague terms like ‘processors’, ‘circuits’, ‘motors’. etc. etc. Can anyone direct me to a decent database or manual for which to kind of get a feel for the language and a somewhat decent understanding of general computer systems? Doesn’t have to be anything too comprehensive, but if that’s what you’d recommend I’m all about it. I’m just looking to not come across like a complete floundering ass just throwing around science sounding words.
    – Steve

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