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Question about the Wabash Wolfpack…

  • I live in Indiana, and I thought the same thing. My brother played againsts Wabash, for DePauw. Ill have to tell him there is no connection because he was sorta pissed his old school didnt get in.. I for one, would like to see a low tier football conference cough Big Ten Cough Indiana University, Purdue, cough. Maybe Purdue could have helped make the space drives and IU with Northwesterns help, make all the now banned mods.

    “Come follow me! Space Admiral DeRose. I am totally not a rogue pilot that commands the resistance’s naval forces.”

    I was channel surfing, and I saw on HDnet, Depauw vs Wabash… I HAD to check it out…. Was rather dispointed that it was only humans….

    But I like where your head is at!

    Seeing as I AM the Wabash Wolfpack #1 (AND FIRST) Fan…. This is embarrassing… but… I HAVE to ask….

    Wabash’s team color’s are Red and White….

    The Wabash Little Giants are a “tier 4” team out of Crawfordsville Indiana, and their colors are Red and White….. They are currently 9-0 this year, and 6-0 in the North Atlantic Athletic Conference, NCAA Division 3

    Is there some sort of connection?

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