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Question about "The Starter"

  • You heretic! (OK, I can see your point.)


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    Cant wait for that as i love the rookie even been a non american, an non america fooball fan, one of the best novels i have hear (or read) in a long time

    They’ve so much wanted to listen to your podcasts…  I think they’ll really enjoy it… 

    hhhmmm…  SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #4 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)  Multiple S.H.I.T. Award Recipient!  Double Dipper and Triple Threat!  All-around uberjunkie!

    Actually, THE STARTER is on the schedule for me to get started writing in November.  Yep, 2009.

    THE STARTER will be the second book published by Darkverlord Media, following the same plan as THE ROOKIE did.  We’ll publish shortly before the 2010 NFL Season begins.

    To get that done in a timeline that won’t kill your FDO™, that means I get started writing in November 2009.

    Don’t ask about when the podcast will be, because I don’t know yet.  Still under discussion.  One thing I can tell you, the book and podcast will both be Young Adult friendly. 

    At the Chicago Rookie Tour stop, the FDO & A joked that everything will be out in 2011!!  Again, I said JOKED!  He threw a lot of dates out there, cuz lots of people were asking, but from what I gathered, he plans to get several books out to us between 2011-2012.

    How bout throwing us a bone, huh FDO?  What do you say to a release date timeline?  Or even just a list of the books in the order you plan to release them? Laughing

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    MC; CA; UNdead Jester and Love Slave of the UNdead Grave Mother

    The last update I saw for dates on the Starter was in the posts on this forum over a year ago.  While I know that the FDO has reuirements from publishers, but I need my starter fix.  To go a step further, I think someon who is a good audio editor should make a complete ISO for the rookie that can be kept on the podcast.  It is an awesome topic and fantastic world that was created. 

    COMON FDO, Gives us a fix…. 

    I would rather have the Rookie series and Infected series more than Earthcore 2 and Ancestor 2, not that they weren’t good I just liked Rookie and Infected/Infection better.


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    it will be the last great work of literature that will ever be produced. Better make it extra special, FDO™!

    In that case it falls under long term strategy for world domination 

    Things go wrong and that is how we learn

    After he writes contagious then he will write the starter. He said that he didn’t want to write Pandemic for a long while. Decendant and Mt. Fiztroy are going to come out after he gives Ancestor and Earthcore a rewrite in around 2012-ish.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    I am soooo behind on Nocturnal it’s not even funny so since you’re on this two week hiadus I think I can catch up….I’ve listened to 15 episodes in 2 days if that says anything.

    But anyway, The Starter….maybe some people will be able to help me out on this that has a better memory.

    Is it true that The Starter is shelved indefinatley so that the FDO can concentrate on his Infected Trilogy, and has whatever problems that were occuring regarding this and Mt. Fitzroy etc. been cleared up??

    Thanks for the great work Scott!!

    Shit, wrong forum! 

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