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PUN Intended

  • *giggle*

    HAHAHA,, thanks guys, I’m pretty sure the FDO did know about it and chose the name on purpose

    Wow. And I bet the FDO knew that and purposefully gave Quentin his name. Even if it wasn’t intentional I bet the FDO claims it was and I won’t argue!!!!!

    Wow! <*> <– That was the sound of my mind inflating (even if not completely blowing, entirely).
    I always enjoy seeing stuff like this. Thanks for sharing.

    I’d been wanting to post this comment since I listened to the Audiobook version of the ALL-PRO, but I decided to wait until last week’s episode, in respect to junkies who follow the podcast week after week.

    There’s a pun in quentin’s name in regards to his -cough- love life -cough-, although may not be visible from the eyes of english-speaking audiences, since it has to do with a bit of mexican slang.

    So, let’s explain…

    Quentin is the english form of the name “Quintín”, which in itself is diminutive for “Quinto”, a given name in spanish, and also the name of the old mexican five cents coin, akin to pennies. Another diminutive for of this word is “quintito”.

    So, here’s the interesting part… you english speakers, are familiar with the phrase “pop the cherry” ?, well a similar concept in mexican terms, altough not very common these days, was that among men they may refer to a young woman who had not come of age, as a “quintito”, meaning that she was still a virgin, drawing on the assumption that an untouched hymen is about the size of a five cents coin, and that such woman had not yet had any sex, because she had not married.
    After having explained these concepts and what we learned from Quentin’s -cough- love life -cough-, at last week’s dinner with Somalia, you may now appreciate the fact that…


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