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pulsar, what about a "last time online" dilly thingys

  • call me on my mobile if you are around. I think I’ve passed you my number, if not, PM me.



     Dilly thingys and hover thingys…stop it my sides hurt (from the laughter) ;P

    Assassins do it from behind

    There are probably lots of other things to spend time on, with this site and others, just to keep is running smooth. But who knows, one of these days you might just be bored, with nothing to do…

    BTW, we might need to make a trip over to your town one of these weekends soon. Up for lunch?

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    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

    Yeah, this would be doable. I could implement it pretty quick as a tooltip which you would get whenever you hover over an user’s icon. Although we have that problem with timezones, for some reason drupal’s core is pretty messed up regarding this issue. At least the Version 5 we are running on this site. Is it really that important? If it is, I would hack some timezone offset functions into the site template and add that hover thingy.



    that is a tech term,and i am trying to impress you.

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