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Published or Podcasted which is Canon?

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    thank you for the clarification. I assumed this would be the case. it makes sense.



    I would agree with MuchAdo here. In fact that’s basically what’s already happened a a couple of stories. One glaringly obvious change was the name of the novel Infected. It originally was podcasted as Infection but when the print version was coming around it changed to Infectious then to Infected. But of course, now the title Infection is all but history because of the print version of Infected. BigJohn also brings up a good point. Podcasted versions tend to be working drafts and printed versions tend to have many a correction in them.

    What I would suggest doing (which is also what will happen with Ancestor once I get my grubby hands on the printed version) is to create a subsection within the article you are working on that is titled “Version Differences” and then bullet any differences in names, locations, title changed, etc.

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    I appreciate the good natured ribbing. But, again as an engineer, one must TRY to be correct if one can! Though it can drive a guy slightly crazy! This is why junkies make good company!

    It was my understanding that the podcasts were put out there initially, and from them certain edits may arise. I’m not sure as to the nature of those edits, whether they are anachronisms, or making things consistent, or resolving continuity or stuff like that. But I was under the impression that the podcasts helped ferret it out, and then it would be incorporated into the print edition, which would then be much more difficult to update.

    Consider Ancestor, where apparently there is a glaring inconsistency or perhaps inaccuracy that is being resolved in the print edition. Something like that I would think lends credence to the print version being canon.

    Maybe I’m just talking out of my athanas, but that’s kinda how I saw it.


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    I knew what you were talking about, I was just funning with you!

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    I fixed the subject title. I’m sure we’d all RATHER play with cannon but in this case I do mean canon. I’m an engineer and it is my profession for which spell check was invented.

    referring to canon (hopefully not cannon)…..? I would say that would be up to the FDO but in general, printed material holds more credence.

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    So I feel like I’m enteringThe realm of Fanboy-Dom for asking this but it is only to reflect accurate information in the wiki: what is canon? The original Podcast OR the published book? Now in theory the two should be the same, however I have noticed some subtle differences between the book and the podcast with regards to content: for example Arioch morningstar shows up in the book whereas there is no such character (to my knowledge) in the podcast. Another example: in the podcast Quentin talks about “blue skinned women from baker 6” however the book calls the planet Sartili 6. So, which is canon? Would it be the original airing or is it the published manuscript? In my humble opinion I place more credance on the podcast as with all the cursing it seems more like our FDO intended. However In the grand scheme of things these details are insignificant I’m just curious what people think.

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