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Prison Break

  • Saw last epesode of this season, another cliffhanger. I put Lost back #1

    I just thought it was to far-fetched. I mean they came up with some strange thing only to stretch the season

    Just escape and get it over with. but maybe that’s just me. 

    All that matters is getting my fix.

    I loved season one and totally hated the ending so much I just changed it in my head…Michael was able to get the gun back and shoot that guy dead….they drove off in the boat and lived happily ever after….no more prison breaks! This second season has no orgionality and lost me completly.

    how many times can ya break out of prison before they chain yer ass to the fucking FLOOR??

    i do not see how this concept worked for more than one season
    it is miniseries material or movie of the week trilogy type of deal
    4 seasons?? damn

    * Murder at Avedon Hill –
    * Numbers are the keys that unlock the universe…

    What, did we get like 4 new episodes this year before the season finally.


    These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    There’s only so many times a “prison break” can occur. And I also loved season 1 most, the whole “if we can’t do x then we’re not getting out of here” thing got a bit old but added comedy value. It became a drinking game me sorts.
    But it was good. It is definately going to have to end someday soon though.

    Its a bit drawn out but its good. Season 1 was the best by far. I cba waiting for sky to show it either so I download if off ->

    Now, I’m used to this show not being everyones cup of tea, God knows I get enough stick at school for liking it because I’m a girl, but I wanted to see if any of my fellow junkies are into it.
    Sadly, because in the UK Sky has decided to buy Season 3 us lowly Virgin Media users can’t get it… I’m kind of behind, but I’m getting there.
    Even if I was with Sky I wouldn’t be able to watch it because the trees in my area are so freakin tall that the dish gets awful signal. With Cable it’s not so bad.
    So am I alone in liking this show?

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