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    It looks like you can still pick both of them up. They don’t list whether they’re first editions, so I’d contact them if you’re concerned about it. I don’t think either of them went to a second printing in hardcover, but I could be wrong. CONTAGIOUS might very well have since it hit the best seller list.

    INFECTED direct from Amazon, and CONTAGIOUS via Amazon Marketplace.

    eBay definitely has 1st editions at reasonable prices.

    Cheer up mate, it’s not too late!



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    That’s horrible about your books! And your house! I can’t even imagine…


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    should double your insurance pay out… sorry to hear about your house but look at the silver lining … its the one occasion that you get to bend over the insurance underwriters and give them one in the ass for once!

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    Thats shit news!

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    What dedication and loyalty. Sorry about your house, but especially the books.

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    And sorry about your house, too.


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    Sorry to hear about your house.

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    So my house caught fire and burned all to heck over the weekend and my wife can’t understand why I’m bummed that my first editions of Infected and Contagious are ruined? Maybe if she’d read the darned books, she’d have her priorities straight as well?

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