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Predictive text changed that to stiffness. . .

  • i too am on my 3rd relistening/reading of all the books, well more like 10-15th time with earthcore. But i have all the podcast books except for Infection or Infected be for it got its first rewrite

    you could find someone who has the original podcast version as well to slowly send you the episodes if they and you have the time to do so.

    I have Nocturnal and both versions of Ancestor in MP3 format.

    Right. Now how to put this. I like your rewrites. Ancestor was good before and effing wicked after. But Nocturnal. Please. It is a great story. Really. In fact so good as soon as I heard you were planning a rewrite I went straight to get the downloads so I could keep for old times sake, and I would really like to listen to re original before reading the new version. I like to squeeze every ounce of sigler storyness (predictive text changed that to stiffness, glad I noticed). But now see I can’t listen to it again. Maybe ever. I’ve spent hours on the web trying to find a copy of the book for less than $200, or a torrent that someone has kept up with the old podcasts in it, or anything. I would pay $200 too if j didn’t have nappies, baby food and whiskey to buy. I am one of those junkies that is on his second (or even third reading for contagious) reading/listening of all your stories now. And I was saving nocturnal for last as it is my favourite. I can’t believe youve done this to me Scott. Why? I know the new one will be kick ass, but thats not the point. The old one was great. And what exactly is wrong with publishing a 1300 page novel. Shogun and War and Peace are just two examples of books that are massive and so immersive. Imagine if Tolstoy had been told he had a word limit. I am not sure where I am going with this. Or what my point is. I think basically I am pissed I can’t listen to Nocturnal as I am going to sleep now. Do I have to deal with or us our FDO gonna give his junkies a little summik summik. Just like put he link back up in podiobooks for a day or two. For me Scott, for us. For your junkies.

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