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Prawatt vs. Sklorno

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    I don’t think Quentin will ever be a major political player. Remember all sentients who gain more than a certain number of followers

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    I expect the next book to be something like The = Player. Having a number of levels of meaning, meaning he is THE player of the game the one that everyone strives to be, him entering the gangland game becoming a player and the empire considering him becoming a major player in politics, due to the COQB and other stuff.

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    PS Book VII = The General?

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    To start this I have not read the book and have only heard the two podcasted episodes.

    Here’s what I have been thinking of:
    The prawatt and sklorno hate each other almost as much as the purist nation hates everyone that’s not purist nation. A sklorno craft was destroyed right near prawatt space as I recall.
    Their is a very large and extremely fast growing Church of Quentin Barnes. In fact the creterokians are watching said body of people.
    Quentin has very recently gone against the will of the prawatt in order to save the lives of his sklorno team mates. Said sklorno team mates are presumably high ranking members of the COQB.
    No idea how The Game turns out but the potential for wars between prawatt and sklorno and just sklorno vs the galaxy seems very primed.

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