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Prawatt sport…

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    It’s very similar to the Mayan Ball Game. A very deadly game.

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    I don’t know. If one of the best players to lace up a boot just makes it out with a mangled leg I am thinking there may be more orange and black to mop up than Prawatt.

    The so far the body count in the GFL is way low by FDØ standards said my goodbyes to the bulk of the team at the end of the All-Pro.

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    The problem with that is the Prawatt are Robots. There metal monsters whom don’t have muscle structures, rotators cuffs and bones with all of the squishy weakness of us Organics. There shucking robots, metal monsters made from desire to kill all organic life.

    Ok perhaps… perhaps I over state but lets just say this in early history did we more success with metal swords or bone clubs. I rest my case.

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    Tsk tsk tsk… Spoilers….

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    I think there’s more to the sport than we’ve seen so far. I’m just excited to see how the Krakens, galactic class athletes who are used to working as a team, mop the floor with the Prawatt.

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    It seems to be deadly version of Quidditch… Three balls, two balls that fly around and attack people… and one you use to score with…. and there are three goal hoops on each end of the pitch…..

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