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Possibly a dumb question here, but I'll ask all the same

  • Yes I was asking about the audio book thank you for helping me. I am a big fan of the audio books Sigler is awesome with his audio books.

    NOCTURNAL is available in the iBook store now. Are you asking about the audiobook? The audiobook is coming, but no more specific release date than “sometime in 2013”.

    Any updates on the possible iBook version of Nacturnal yet? The original was my first taste of the Siglerverse and now I am hooked and listened to everything else.

    Hey Staley!

    NOCTURNAL in it’s original podcast form is no longer available because the hardcover version is rewritten and vastly different, and to have both available would cause marketplace confusion. The podcast was a first draft — now that the final version is out there, we pulled the podcast.

    That said, Random House did not exercise the option for audio with NOCTURNAL, so no audiobook exists. We’re trying to figure out what, if anything, we can do to remedy that, but that’s how it is for now.

    So, no commercially available audio version of NOCTURNAL.

    PS: Even when the books are published, we still give away full, unabridged audio for them in podcast form over at podiobooks. Well, when the audio exists we do. 😉

    Tomorrow when I get my card back from my lovely lady, I will be ordering both the Nocturnal dead tree hardback and the Infected graphic novel on Amazon (since I’m bundlin’ no S&H hell yeah….ehem).

    This being said, I would like to introduce my girlfriend to the darker side of the FDO cause she freakin loves the GFL series, so I figure I got her feet wet in the Siglerverse, now I want her fully immersed. I’m gettin the book for myself to read cause she’s not really much of a reader but really I want her to listen to Nocturnal. The problem is I can’t find it free for download anywhere. Being that I’m buying the book I hardly consider this free-loading….I just don’t wanna pay another fourteen bucks on itunes for a book I’ll be receiving in print.

    Anyone know what I’m missin here, if anything? Or is it that the podcast isn’t offered free for a while being that the book was just recently published and of course it only makes sense to cease giving something away for free that you’re just revamped and published as a book…..Scott and Crown gotta get that well deserved scratch.

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and I do have Earthcore on my itunes if it’s not possible to get it for free anymore, and as good as that one is (of course), the next one that I want her to hear is definitely Nocturnal.

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