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Pookies Accent

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    Mc B that accent is Staten Island or perhaps Queens NY

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    i guess i missed in the story that he’s from chicago. and i meant nothin by the asian thing.


    and i understand that makin all these different voices takes much talent.


    i bow to you FDO.

    please, spare my life after the takeover. 


    *can’t wait till episode 723 when nocturnal finally ends! Kiss

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    didn’t it say that pookie moved from chicago? i swore i heard that in the earlier episodes

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    Now that shit is funny!!

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    Dude, I live in San Francisco. Out of ten Asians you talk to, maybe one has an accent. They all sound like they are from — you guessed it — Cali. In fact, they make fun of my accent! "Hey, are you from Michigan?" They know the sound. Amazing.

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    Check him out here.

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

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    As long as Pookie gives me some "Chang Bang" action, I could care less if he had an accent from Manchester England. 
    Hell, he could sound like a back bacon lovin Canadian as long as he didn’t play the Caterwaulking Quebecois Screech Monkey and her fucking boat song that never ends.
    (I hate Celine Dion with a flaming passion).
    Tastes Like Chicken

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    at one point it is mentioned that bryan can stand pookie cause he is fro Chicago

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    Take a look at the Siglerpedia page for Pookie and you will see that within the Nocturnal storyline, it’s mentioned that Pookie hailed from Chicago, IL but moved to San Fran, CA, therefore the accent is appropriate. 

    Also, I may be reading into your statement a bit more than I should but you seem to insinuate that since Pookie is Asian there should be some specific accent that should be attached to him…hate to break it to ya buddy but there are a ton of Asian Americans whose accents represent the region of American they grew up in.  Just sayin’…

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    Anyone else wonder why pookie chang has a chicago accent? plus hes asian. eh sigler?

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