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Pookie Chang is my homey

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    1st time I heard it I wanted him dead so badly, but now I really like his character. That and BizNass.
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    What can I say – I dig the dark, broody guys. And he’s got that sentimental side you just have to love.

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    The reason why is I never really got the chance to listen to the podcasts over at before they were taken down due to a rewrite of Nocturnal so now I have to wait patiently until the release of the hardcover of Nocturnal

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    I am actually creating the diagram that details the Chang Bang. When I finish I will post it here. with instructions.(also emergency
    instructions if there is an accident should anyone actually try it.)
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    I can’t remember laughing so hard at the introduction of a character than I did with Biz-Nass.
    Can’t wait to see what joy the re-write does with the character.

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    who is your favorite nocturnal charecter? for my money the chang bang expert can be no better or course brian is a close second and I hat adam jessup whinny bitch ass yo

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