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Please bring back the GORE line…

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    GoreLine takes a ton of time, which is something I don’t have right now — but MAN do I miss it! You all need your smackdowns, dammit. All y’all calling in with your insults and digs and mockings and travishamockeris of the FDO™.

    PREPOSTEROUS! You must be punnished! You must be purged!

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    one of the best parts of the podcasts apart from the story, hearing people say they were going to boycott Sigler to calling him a sick fu*k.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

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    I know it’s probably a pain going through the messages and putting them together for us to listen to but I agree, I used to love that shit.  It would be great to have that back again.

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    Great post, Ogre!

    I loved hearing the good natured Sigler abuse that took place on the Gore line.  There must be much fodder to wade through that would make for a good filler episode.

    ~~~ mwhuahahahahaha … so it’s, you know, coming along ~~~~~~~

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    While the stories are excellent, hearing the feedback and rants can really boost my day.

    I hope they come back once everything calms down for the FDO.

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    Have you thought about starting the GORE line call-ins again?
    I was just listening to the special bonus episode where you were reacting to the callers who had called in  to let you know that you had referred to the  GORE line as the CLONE line… That was one of the best!  An oldie but GOOD listening fun…

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