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Places that scream horror novel material

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    Oh, and did I mention high schools? Especially at nightfall.

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    I swear the fuckin werewolves are gonna get me one of these days

    country lanes and woodland for injured wildlife creepy as fuck… once took a colleague out to look for an RTC owl we got halfway back after sorting the owl out and I started to say that it was a perfect night for werewolf attacks… She bolted for the van at top speed which in itself was enough to get me running (just in case)


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    “Get your sh*t and get out”


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    ’nuff said

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    Mankind only thinks he has conquered his fear of the dark.


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Growing up in a trailer park in central new york, surrounded by forests, hiking after dark was creepy as hell. No lights, no sound of cars or trucks, not even the occasional airplane! Too many scary movies and who knows what real or imagined horrors might be stalking you!

And then there was the bus that I found mysteriously parked in the middle of the forest… Never did hear how that ended up there! Scared the heck out of me as a kid though!


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google it and despair

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Seriously. The lobby is creepy…most of the lights get turned off so it’s very dim, and the elevators have a mind of their own. *shudder*

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A wonderful place in MN called “13 Graves” creepy as hell at night!

And in Eden Prairie there used to be this old dirt road the was called “Spook Road”. What made it really great is that you had to veer of the road on a climbing sharp turn formally known as “Dead Mans Curve”. The first time you get to bring someone there was great because you could tell them about Dead Mans Curve and sometimes people would know the turn but had never paid attention to the little road that was in the middle of the turn and was hidden by the banking of the road. So as you come up to it you could speed up then go right over the edge of the turn and down a tree lined road with no street lights, the screams from the passengers always made it worth bottoming out the car on the little slope in the road! Ahhh good times, but times they have changed and now its all gone!

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the 1st time I saw this movie too. I had nightmares for months!


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Scared the bejeebus out of me… the first time I watched that film I was about 8 years old and my brothers sent me down a dark corridor in a hotel on my own in the middle of the night straight after for a laugh … still traumatised!

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In order to free some trapped birds… I was stupid enoughto go into the basement … that was fucking shit scary (that’s a whole lot more than simply scary)

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An old abandoned prison in central Philadelphia PA. Used at Halloween to give certain nightmares to all who walk through it.

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Something distinctly creepy about them

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straight outta Scooby Doo, old skool 🙂

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There is an old puppetry museum. That place at night would be the creepiest setting possible for a horror film. Funny enough it also is supposedly next to an old mental asylum as well!

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But the bathroom at movie theaters… when you go in during the show and there’s No One else in there. Creeps me out. Maybe it’s not just me, the Zombieland guy was worried about bathrooms too, now that I think about it.

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Victor Churchill Butchery – Gruesomeness disguised in elegance.

Kinda reminds me of Mrs Lovett’s meat pie shop (Sweeney Todd).

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